Somaliland: Police Launch Posts at Public Hospitals Nationwide, Arrest Suspected Terrorists

Somaliland Police Launch Posts at Public Hospitals Nationwide

Somalilandsun: The Police Force has launched new police posts in all public hospitals across the country.

The new services were first time Somaliland Police made operational is police-cum-traffic facilities at general hospitals premises will enable the community to easily got O-P documents were previously been sought by the nearest  police and the   Traffic headquarters.

This step, which will make it easier for the public to gain related  crimes and accidents referral, May Allah save us, is said to be part of the efforts of Police Chief Gen Mohamed Aden undertaking to promote the duties and responsibilities the force have for the community.

Meanwhile, the police force has succeeded to arrest several suspected Shabaab terrorist members over the past two months and submitted their cases to the judicial authorities, the interior minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed informs.

By: Mohamoud Walaaleye