Somaliland: Police investigating origin of Large Consignment of Explosive Making materials


Toghdeer Regional Police commander By: Yusuf Mohamed Hasan

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – 2 people are in the custody of Burao Regional police on suspicion of terrorism activities.

The 2 who are yet to be named by named are a driver and his passenger who were arrested last Wednesday by Sanaag regional police in Daraweyne town after assorted explosive making materials were discovered on their vehicle.

According to the Togdheer regional police commander Suleiman Daga’ade the vehicle and its cargo as well as the driver and passenger are in custody of Togdheer police who are conducting investigations thus unearth the people and purpose behind the intent to make the Improvised Explosive Devises-IDEs.

The Togdheer regional police commander who thanked his counterpart in Sanaag region for prompt action that resulted in the capture of the cargo which was meant for heinous intent revealed that the origin of the vehicle was Bosaso though the final destination is yet to be established