Somaliland: Police Force Graduate 365 Officers


VP Sayli (2nd L)flanked by Hon Duur and service commanders  arrive to a classic welcome from police recruits at Mandera police academy mandera

By: Yusuf M Hasan

MANDERA (Somalilandsun) – A classic craftsmanship was on display during a graduation ceremony at Mandera police academy.

365 police officers graduated at the Mandera police academy and are to be absorbed into various units of the force country.

During the graduation ceremony that was officiated by the Vice president Hon Abdirahman Sayli and other senior officials, the new officers were commended for having strenuously persevered training thus successfully graduate.

According to the commander of the police academy Abdilahi Budul this is the 36th batch of police graduates to be trained by the academy since the country reclaimed sovereignty 21 years ago.

Said he, “Despite some constraints the academy has managed to supply the force with trained officers on an annual basis”

The training commander who informed that it was no easy task turning civilians to members of a disciplined corps in four months, praised most of the recruits who pass through the academy have proved to possess the ability of perfect law enforcement officers.

The national police commander General Abdilahi Fadal Iman revealed that the 365 graduates are the first batch of police officers to be supplied with weapons by the government as opposed to earlier formats that saw each graduate supply his/her own weapon.

The General informed that the graduating officers who will be sent to various police departments nationwide for service have specialized skills training earmarked in the near future.

Said he, “During the course of service they will be returned to the academy for specialized in-service training like investigation, prosecution, leadership etc.”

On praising the graduates for successfully completing the training, interior minister Hon Mohamed Duur revealed that apart from the graduates being the first batch to be fully equipped by the government it is also the first batch to be entirely composed of university and secondary school graduates.

The minister on whose docket the police force falls said that the future of the force lies on the shoulders of the graduates whom he commended for having opted for public service rather than join the private sector or illegal immigration as has been the wont with their colleagues.

After awarding certificates to a number of those graduates who excelled in various aspects of their training the VP Hon Sayli said that continued training ensures that the public is accorded the best service available.

While urging the graduates to uphold proper conduct in the course of their new duties The VP promised to see to it that continued opportunities are availed the police force that are charged with law enforcement which is the most important public service in the country.