Somaliland: Police Deter Disposed Kulmiye Leader Entrance to Party Headquarters


Somalilandsun-Heavily Armed Police were on guard at the headquarters of ruling Kulmiye party the whole of Saturday the 6th October 2018.
Subsequently a party central committee meeting called by its disposed chairman Jama Ismail Egge failed to take place.
Jama Ismail popular known as Jama Shabeel was forcefully deterred entrance to the venue of his proposed meeting in front of a number of accompanying journalists some of whom were roughed up for trying to take pictures.
The former long serving Kulmiye party central committee chairman was fired from his post earlier in the week in what was termed as his attempts to create disunity among members.
Speaking to reporters at the Eelshiekh hotel in Hargeisa, the former ruling party leader asked central committee members that “today’s meeting having been cancelled due to threats of arrest the next one shall be held at a yet to be disclosed venue on the 5th November this year.
“I also urge ploce to release some journalists detained at the Kulmiye party offices for they did nothing wrong” Jama Shabeel said

Since he was fired from his party central committee chairmanship as well as membership of the Said committee it is unclear in what capacity or authority Jama Shabeel called for the disrupted meeting.
Suffice is to say that unless the Somaliland ruling party puts its house in order and sooner rather than later things might turn sour.

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