Somaliland: Police Detain King Rabi


King Rabi YusufBy: Yusuf m Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A traditional leader is in police custody in Hargeisa having been arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

King Rabi Yusuf Abdilahi is in police custody having been arrested at the premises of the ministry of Aviation and Air Transport in Hargeisa.

While the reasons for the king’s arrest and subsequent detention are yet to be disclosed, the king is just returned from Mogadishu a city out of bounds for somalilanders.

Though King Rabi’s mission in Mogadishu are not clear he is known to have gone there after conclusion of the Somalia constitution making that attracted a number of prominent personalities mostly traditional leaders.

In pursuit of fulfilling constitutional dictates that criminalize any association with Somalia authorities, the government in Hargeisa has repeatedly warned that those who were enticed (financially/Morally) will be arrested and charged with treason upon setting foot in Somaliland.

A Somalia MP Jama Ahmed Mahmud is currently awaiting arraignment after in court on charges of treason after police arrested him in his Gabiley region of origin a fortnight after arrival from Mogadishu.