Somaliland: Police Chief Briefs on Ruqiya Murder Case Proceedings


Major Ilkaase

By: Moody Boodle

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) – The assistant chief of Somaliland police force, Major Abdurrahman Liban Ahmed ‘Ilka’ase’, briefed the press about the Ruqiya murder case proceedings going on in the Hargeisa regional court.

The murder of the late Ruqiya Ayanle Said, which shocked and saddened people en masse, was mercilessly murdered and buried in a cruel dug fathom inside the compound of a House in Hargeisa.

The second highest Somaliland senior police officer said that her proceeding is going on smoothly without impediments and it is predicted that the judiciary will reach a verdict in the very near future.

Said he “the accused (a woman) is always brought to the court for hearings smoothing the brutal case proceedings thus predicting a judgment in the near future”.

The body of late Ruqiya was dumped in this hole after her murder/file

He added that the country security status is stable citing that the government has succeeded in arresting murder suspects in the last murder cases so far in the last three months.

On the other hand the force has succeeded in arresting youth numbering 100 in Marodijeh and Gabiley regions respectively, who roam around in gang groups terrorizing people and placing the country security status in jeopardy informed Major Ilka’ase

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