Somaliland: Platoon Commanders and Military Police Graduate EUTM Course in Mogadishu


Graduation Ceremony for Platoon Commander and Military Police Course Organised and Conducted By EUTM Somalia In Mogadishu

Somalilandsun – On the 27th of August, the closing ceremony for two of the training courses run by European Union Training Mission- EUTM Somalia in Mogadishu in 2015 was held at Jazeera Training Camp in the presence of Brigadier General Abdirizak Elmi, Deputy Chief of Defence Force and Colonel Siverstedt Ulf, EUTM Somalia Deputy Commander.
The ceremony marked the graduation of the Platoon Commander and Military Police course held by EUTM Somalia in Mogadishu.
The courses were planned, organized and conducted by EUTM Somalia in coordination with the Somali National Army, AMISOM, and UNSOM.
During the training, which lasted 3 months, 25 officers learned tactics, techniques and procedures to become platoon commander, while the 75 attendees, including 8 females, of the Military Police course learned topics and technics to act effectively in their role.
Ahead of the event, the students carried out an exercise during which they demonstrated the skills they acquired during their training, skills that will help them to better perform their duties once back to their units.
Since EUTM Somalia training activities started, a total of 5.500 military from the Somali National Army have completed their training with instruction and mentoring provided by EUTM Somalia personnel.
EUTM Somalia commitment to enhance the Somali military capabilities takes place within the framework of the EU’s comprehensive engagement in Somalia, which has been developed with a view to better respond to the needs of the Somali people and its government, as well as to the stabilisation of Somalia.

European Union Training Mission- EUTM Somalia– Press Release