Somaliland: “Plans for Blanket Coverage of Development in Sool Region under Implementation” Minister Ali Sandule


Minister Sandule

By: Younis M Jama

LAS ANOD (Somalilandsun) – The government of President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is committed to availing Sool region residents’ full public services.

This was informed by the Somaliland minister of Eastern regions Peace, Reconciliation and development Ali Mahmud Ahmed ‘Ali Sandule’ during a press briefing in the Sool regional capital of Las Anod town where he is visiting on official duties.

“As opposed to empty politicking the government of somaliland is concentrated in improving the livelihoods of its residents nationwide” said Ali Sandule in an apparent swipe at the warmongering directed toward Somaliland by neighbouring Somalia regional administration of Puntland that lays claims to Sool region.

Stressing on the fact that the republic of Somaliland is not interested in creating problems with its neighbours but determined to the creation of peaceful co-existence among its various communities Minister Ali Sandule said these are achieved through ensuring that provision of public services reach all and sundry.

Urging any foreign government with any bones to crunch with Somaliland to do it the internationally acceptable proper manner rather than never ending threats of war Ali Sandule informed that the central government in Hargeisa is prepared and willing to discuss and solve the purported grievances in a cordial and peaceful way.

The minister who revealed that he is going to camp in the region for a lengthily period in order to open his ministries office which shall access the areas where relevant government departments are required thence blanket coverage of development activities, Ali Sandule further warned those warmongering and claiming parts of somaliland to be cautious said:

“our Determination and desire to resolve any issues with our neighbours amicably should be recognized as a desire for peace and misconstrued with fear for Somaliland is ever ready and prepared to defend its territorial integrity at all times”

In conclusion, the Minister of Eastern regions Peace, Reconciliation and development Ali Mahmud Ahmed ‘Ali Sandule’ who revealed that the government of somaliland which is aware about the suffering of some Sool residents occasioned by persistent droughts has amassed sufficient relief items whose distribution he, minister, shall supervise during his current stay in the region.