Somaliland: Planned National Dialogue Conference Usurpers Powers of the Elected Government


Omer H Dualeh

By: Omer Hussein Dualeh

Somalilandsun – I would like to make a few comments about the current political atmosphere undertaken by the opposition parties and the call they insist to have a National Dialogue.

Somaliland constitution gives ultimate power to arrange this kind of dialogue to the elected government and not the opposition parties in any nation on this planet, hence, the call is absolutely illegal in my few.

The poplar survey shows [at least now], that the people of Somaliland are against this call of National Dialogue this time, because it only creates divisions between the people. The current government has not made potential political mistakes since it came to power, but initiated unprecedented development and international engagements that we have not seen since we proclaimed our reclamation of our lost sovereignty.

Therefore, calling national dialogue this time is unnecessary to the view of 90 plus of our population. Therefore, why the opposition parties insist to have it, and why they did not see the wider picture that will definitely narrowing their chance of voting power, while the Presidential and Parliament elections are at the door-steps?

To speak of myself, I do not belong to a Party since Somaliland sovereignty is restored, but I care and known to wide spectrum of my people and certain foreign individuals, like Deputy Prime Minister of State of Qatar who once said to his Majlis attendees of officials and friends, that I am “THE CRAZY OF SOMALILAND” and its wellbeing as introductory. I have been in diaspora since 1976, but continuously coming back home every 8 or 9 months. All those setbacks we have had, have taken place while I am at home here in Hargeisa, beginning when SNM gallantly attacked the Faqash in Burao & Hargeisa. I was here when the unwanted civil disturbance if not war were happening in my country. That shows I am not someone who was away from home, but I never ever leaned to a party in our political spectrum until now [today 29th November, 2013].

I fought hard for my country in everyway possible, including to engage the Prime Minister’s Office in Qatar to ask them to endorse Somaliland Passports, since we are the first people who came to that country in late forties, and the only people they knew from the Somali raise. I have succeeded to be the first Somalilander who stayed in Qatar with Somaliland Passport from 2006 until I left and came back home on July, 5th this years. The reason I took that bold decision to address the government of Qatar was, I do care for this country, and I don’t want to see harm comes to it.

The essence of my note today, is that the two opposition parties will loose voting grounds, if they insist to go ahead of their call of National Dialogue, and that is for sure. People of Somaliland today are seeing prospects at the horizon and believe are coming, by the day and are not ready to see that is destroyed. We the people of Somaliland are today witnessing the IC charging to come and eventually [after nearly 20 years] realized that there is a working country that needs to be supported.

The opposition parties needs to tap the potential wisdom that we the people of Somaliland are familiar in having. I feel they and [us Somalilanders] find a way of tapping once again the resource of limitless wisdom that we have gallantly possess and passed through, all those hurdles put in our way during the course of building this democracy and the wellbeing that we enjoy today

I praise and admire, the wisdom and political maturity of the Chairman of Waddani, and flamboyant attitude of our patriot Ina Ali Waraabe, but, I do scare of the unprecedented attacks that are flying in the press that at times do not care what they publish’ is ultimately hamming our Best Kept Secret in Africa.

Brothers and Sisters in the opposition, I hope I have not said something that upsets you, but a A TALO.


Omer Hussein Dualeh,