Somaliland: Performance Bars Raised Higher For RGs As They Report For Duties


By: M.A.Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) Since the landmark mass reshuffling of the regional administration, several of the governors have been hilariously welcomed to and at their new stations, heralding a new wave of sense belonging and nationalism pride in the governance, by both officials and members of the public.

In a move tailored to combat and nip tribalism by the bud, the unanimous voice of assent by the mainstream public show support for the move by the President almost a fortnight ago.

When the former Marodi-jeh (Hargeisa) governor Mr. Ahmed Omar Abdillahi (Hamarje) was handing over office to former Sool governor Mr. Mohammed Mohamud Ali (Jeeniyare) the former quipped, “My sense of being in my backyard will now be overlapped by a new sense that would instill diligence in me”.

In other words Mr. Hamarji meant that he would not dillydally anymore for as a national (regional) leader; more would be expected of him than before.

True to his words, the hitherto wider goal posts would now be narrowed hence higher standards of performances would be expected of them all.

Given the rousing welcome Mr. Hamarji received at the outskirts of Burao, even before he takes over his new saddle, shows the sense of nation-hood and is a veiled bar of performance raised higher.

So far, Mr. Abdo Ahmed Ayar (formerly of Togdeer) has taken over assumption of Awdal regional portfolio from the former Mr. Ahmed Abdi Sid’i.

The new Hawd RG Mr. Ibrahim Hassan Ali has taken over office from the former occupier Mr. Jamal Hussein Hurre who has been transferred to Daad Madeed (Odweine). Mr. Ibrahim was transferred from Saraar.

Following the manner in which regional traditional leaders, departmental coordinators and various guests showed in their attendances, and reflected in speeches, at all the handing over ceremonies, a new sense of belonging and objectiveness gashed countrywide in a new wave of anti-tribalism and nationalism.

The reshuffle was both unprecedented and a milestone of a new mark in public duty.

Just as the RGs are expected to be justifiably duty bound, so would their performance be more scrutinized than hitherto.