Somaliland Passport Holders Can now Visit Taiwan Legally

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Friendship Between Somaliland and Taiwan Blossoms

Somalilandsun:The Taiwanese government office in the Somaliland capital of Hargeisa has officially started its work.

Among the first activities undertaken by the Taipei based Ministry of Foreign n affairs office in Hargeisa is issuing visas to citizens bearing Somaliland passports for travel to Taiwan on business.

This disclosure was made possible by Geeska Afrika sources who also indicate that apart from business people now travelling to Taiwan legally on Somaliland passports others to follow soon are students, those seeking specialized medical attention and tourists as well.

The move, which is important for Somaliland businessmen traveling abroad with their locally issued travel documents, came as a result of a co-operation agreement reached in February this year between the governments of Somaliland and Taiwan.
The agreement between Somaliland and Taiwan includes the opening of two diplomatic missions in Taipei and Hargeisa, which Taiwan implemented last week.