Somaliland: Parties Set Agenda for National Dialogue on Elections


Somaliland political chiefs at their meeting

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The three Somaliland national political parties have agreed on agenda of their meeting planned for the 23rd May 2015.
This was revealed during a press conference conducted jointly by the leaders of Kulmiye, UCID and Wadani Musa Behi, Feisal Ali Warabe and Abdirahman Irro following their exploratory talks at the Ambassador hotel in Hargeisa.
The Ambassador hotel which was hosted by the ruling Kulmiye party had the intent to resolve political differences that arose after the Guurti postponed presidential and parliamentary elections for 22 months.
According to Kulmiye’s Musa Behi, the days’ discussions were held in a very amicable manner and the agenda for the real meeting mutually agreed upon adding that the three parties shall utilize the preceding two days to come up with internal consensus as per the agreed agenda.
The leader of Wadani cum speaker of Somaliland parliament Abdirahman Irro who concurred with Behi on the mutually agreed agenda also informed that the issue of import was on the way forward as per recent political acrimonies permeating the country.
This historic meeting was chaired by the Somaliland vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail ‘Sayli’ who is incidentally the one who proposed the inter-parties parley.