Somaliland: “Parliament under Seizure by the Administration” says Speaker Irro


As Legislators from Awdal Region Urge Caution

Police cordone the Somaliland parliament buildings in Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The un-called for large presence of security personnel at [parliament buildings has made house business impossible to conduct.
This was stated by Speaker of the House of representatives, the lower chamber of Somaliland’s parliament during a press briefing in Hargeisa where he accused the government of having usurped legislative authority.
The Speaker who also doubles as the leader and presidential aspirant of opposition party Wadani was reacting to events that led to failure of the house to resume from Recess normally as only ruling party Kulmiye members in session and subsequent interventions by Guurti Elders that saw recess extended to next Tuesday apparently in deterrence to the tabling of a motion of no confidence on the speaker.
“I hereby Inform citizens that the house of representatives that was supposed to open its after recess session today cannot do so since its authority has been commandeered by the administration” said Irro

Speaker of somaliland parliament and Wadani party leader Abdirahman Irro claims police besieging parlaiment after disarming his security detail
Also informing that his constitutionally assigned security detailed from the police had been disarmed earlier in the morning by orders from superiors said that the house shall not resume until its legislative authority has been returned and assured.
Later on police arrested 5 members of parliament from Wadani Party now at CID hqs are MP Ibrahim Mahdi Bubaa, MP Saeed Elmi Roble, MP Bashir Tukale, MP Mohamed Saleh Ige and MP Jama Hasan Aden.
Meanwhile legislators from Awdal Region all from the Ruling party Kulmiye have urged caution and a clear minded move towards solving the political crisis in parliament.
At a press briefing at a city hotel where they had met for consensus on a concerted stand, the legislators from Awdal region informed that they have withdrawn their support for the dislodgment of Abdirahman Irro from his perch as speaker of the Somaliland impeachment of speaker.
“This decision is non partisan and only intended to salvage our country from politically induced disasters” said the MPs from Awdal region.
The president of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo who extended condolences to all citizens and more specifically family and friends of the unfortunate death of a shopkeeper following demonstrations in Burao town also commented on the ongoing drama in parliament.

some of the MPs from Awdal region at their  caution press briefing in Hargeisa
Informing that he takes his mandate to protect public security seriously and shall be cowed by none the head of state warned that anyone, regardless of station in life, found to be acting contrary to the public good shall face the wrath of law.
While reiterating his administration’s commitment to not only fully cooperate but facilitate a conducive environment for parliament to conduct business president Silanyo urged the legislators to clean their act and perform as required.
Upon taking a swipe at speaker Irro for his never ending allegations of his administrations interference in the legislature which were a disguise for ineffectiveness president Silanyo said,
Said he, “Lawmakers have failed miserably in their duties since various important bills submitted for debate and approval by my administration remain in abeyance many months to date”
President Silanyo was referring to the Security and Elections bills as well as the 2015 Budget and Election Commission whose parliamentary approval pends due to the wrangles in the house.
Full details of the verbatim presidential speech to follow