Somaliland: Parliament Approves Sacking of Chief Justice


In a joint Guurti – MP’s session with 124 members in attendance from a total quorum of 164
Joint Session of parliament in unanimous approval of the sacking of Dr Yusuf Ismail Ali inset as Somaliland Chief Justice

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is now expected to appoint a person to the office of Somaliland Chef Justice.

This approval was necessitated by presidential decree #JSL/M/XERM/249-3197/042015 In which the head of state removed Yusuf Ismail Ali from the Somaliland Chief Justice, a constitutional office thence the special joint session of Guurti and House of Representatives, the upper and lower chambers of Parliament respectively.
Of the 124 elders from Guurti and MP’s of the House of Representatives 80 aye was cast and 32 Nay while 12 abstained from voting thus accepting the disposal of current Chief Justice and subsequent appointment of replacement who shall similarly require a legislative YES stamp.
Though the presidency in Hargeisa is tight lipped on those under consideration for CJ rumours circulating indicate top contenders for the office to be three prominent lawyers one of whom is a lecturer, another in Parliament while the third is still in active legal practice namely
• Aden Hajji Ali a lecturer at the Institute of Conflict Resolutions Hargeisa University.
• Dr Mohamed Mahmud Hashi and
• Member of Parliament Mohamed Jama Abdi
The legislator Mohamed Jama who incidentally is from Sool region and a lawyer of long standing has an “SAMA QAYBSIGA” (Clan power sharing) edge over the others n lieu of a recent suggestion by the local Bar Association that urge the president to choose nominate the incoming CJ from the Dhulbahante clan thus equitable power sharing as ordained in the Constitution.