Somaliland: Pair of 19 Years Old Somali-Americans Found Dead in Minnesota


Somalilandsun- A pair of Somali-American cousins and best friends have been found dead in a pond in Minnesota after disappearing during their night shift breaks and calling 911 for help.

Bushra Abdi and Zeynab Hafsa Abdalla, both 19, were found in the pond near Chaska, Minnesota, on Sunday night, almost 24 hours after disappearing.

One was found in a 2006 gray Chevrolet Impala that belonged to Hafsa’s family and the other was in the water.

Police say their deaths are the result of a tragic car accident and that no foul play is suspected but their investigation is ongoing.

  • Bushra Abdi and Zeynab Hafsa Abdalla were found dead on Sunday night
  • The two 19-year-olds vanished at around 3am on Saturday morning 
  • They both worked night shifts, one at an Amazon center and the other in a nursing home
  • At 2.30am, Hafsa picked Bushra in her Chevrolet Impala to spend their break together 
  • Some time afterwards, they called 911 and one was heard screaming: ‘Help me!’
  • The call disconnected before a signal could be traced, according to authorities
  • On Sunday night, their bodies and the car were found in the swamp in Chaska, Minnesota 
  • Police say it is a tragic car accident and no foul play is suspected but their investigation is ongoing
  • Hafsa left her wallet and her ID card at the Amazon center where she worked  

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