Somaliland: Over 10,000 Government Jobs Created for Youths


Reveals labour and Social welfare ministry as it accuses parents of abetting illegal immigration

Somaliland state minister of labour and Social welfare Abdi Dahir Amoud

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Parents are to blame for the increase in numbers of Somaliland youths pursuing illegal immigration.

The blame was laid by the state minister of labour and Social welfare Abdi Dahir Amoud during a BBC Somali service debate in which he also said the government of Somaliland in partnership with Ethiopia and Djibouti have intensified anti-illegal migration measures.

“when the administration of president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo came to power in mid-2010 there were 6000 people employed in the civil service, butt to date there 19,000” said the state minister adding that all the newly employed are youths.

The minister who was reacting to insinuations that illegal immigration has exacerbated under the Silanyo administration also was quick to point out that contrary to allegations the current leader has improved youth access to opportunities which apart from the over 10,000 civil service jobs, include senior public service appointments and election to local government councils.

After defending the state record on issues related to creation of job opportunities for youths which is directly related to illegal immigration minister Abdi Dahir said that parents should not support the illegal immigration of their children and when things turn bad as they did between Egyptian and Greek waters where over 200 died, accuse the state for inaction.

According to the ministry of labour and Social welfare the state has also managed to rein the number of those pursuing illegal immigration through partnership with Ethiopian and Djiboutian authorities that has ensued with large repatriations.