Somaliland: “Our Security is Apt”- Interior Minister


By Yusuf M. HassanInterior minister Duur Arale

Recent security alerts by UK and USA ore unfounded.

The Minister of Interior Hon. Mohamed Duur Arrale has informed of the conducive security situation prevailing in the country contrary to what the world was made to believe through travel bans imposed on UK and US citizens by their governments.

The interior Minister revealed US this during a briefing to elders of the Guurti which is the country’s upper chamber of parliament.

Minister Duur told the elders that the government continues to assure the security of all persons living within the boundaries of Somaliland and more specifically expatriates through the Rapid Reaction Unit-RRU which a specially trained anti-terrorist unit of the police.

On the occasional skirmishes between tribal militants and army units in Sool region the interior minister said security forces are now in 100% control of the area following the capture and detention of most of the clan militias

As per the insecurity in Sayla occasioned by disputed local council elections Hon. Duur said that his ministry has managed to cool tempers thus amicably reconcile the opposing clans of Selel region.

The Nov 12 local council elections dispute saw the dominant Saila clan of Isse raise up against the minority Gadabursi who had managed to garner a majority of the council seats.

While informing that the country’s situation is as its best ever the interior minister cautioned foreign governments against informing on Somaliland insecurity without coordinating their assessment with local security officials most of whom are highly skilled operative with ample training by those government specially the United Kingdom.