Somaliland: “Our Nationhood and Sovereignty are Sacrosanct” Gen Shakale


Gen shakale (3rd L) with top Somaliland security chiefs declare their organs readiness to defend the country at all costs

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The national army turns the 28th August Warlord Galayd anointment day as Khatumoist President into the secessionists Waterloo and mayhem for the Mogadishu SFG.
“any Entity or individual attempting to infringe on the territorial jurisdiction of Somaliland should anticipate quick and deadly response” This warning was issued by the Somaliland armed forces chief of staff General Ismail Mohamed Shakale at Army headquarters in Hargeisa where he was flanked by Army Commander and Operations officer Brigadier Gen Ahmed Awake Libaah and Major Gen Mohamed Aden Sagadi ‘Dabagale’ during a media briefing on developments pertaining to Khatumoist flush-out operations in Sool region.
“The army has successfully completed its over six months long operations to flush out secessionists the country’s Sool region” said Gen Shakale in reference to the Wednesday capture of SaahDheer town the last stronghold of the Khatumoist secessionists.
The Chief of staff who also revealed without giving figures the deaths of several militiamen and injuries to many others also informed confirmed the arrest of a number of politicians from Mogadishu among them two members of the Somalia federal parliament.
According to reliable sources the Somaliland army killed over 30 and captured 11militiamen aligned to Khatumo while several battlewagons and an assortment of American military hardware supplied by Galayd either captured or retrieved after escaping Khatumoists left them behind.
Negating the notion by some that the Somaliland army is an occupying force in the area Gen Shakale said that those fronting the issue are pretending ignorance as not only SaahDheer but the entire Sool region is part and parcel of the country thence the absurdity of terming army presence there as an occupation.

Khatumo militias surrender to Somaliland army in Saahdheer
“Let it be clear that the time of dillydallying with secessionists and pleasing the international community is over and the Defence forces who are fully prepared will not hesitate in their duty of National Defence” said Shakale

The involvement of foreign governments in creating disharmony within Somaliland was also elicited during the briefing as facts emerged about the army having destroyed large tents donated by the Somalia federal Government-SFG which had contributed dollars hundreds of thousands and dispatched senior dignitaries towards the crowning of Warlord Galayd as Khatumo state president.
Let it be clear to all that the Armed forces shall use whatever and all means under its disposal to deter any infringement upon the Sacred Nationhood and Sovereignty of Somaliland” said Gen Shakale while quipping on the amazing capture of foreign parliamentarians in a country where entered illegally.
Two of the parliamentarians from Mogadishu the General was refereeing to are currently cooling horses in Burao prison pending their transfer to Hargeisa for arraignment in court on charges related to illegal entry, Terrorism and crimes against humanity as pertains numerous deaths perpetrated by the warlord Galayd led militia aligned to Khatumo.
Now that the army is in control of the entire Sool region following the capture of SaahDheer 70 kms from Las Anod that comes in the heels of similar action 40 kms away in Dabataag and Warlord Galayd in Ethiopia, it is obvious that the Khatumoist have no more options for secession activities and the gallant troops can now take a much desired and earned break.

Somaliland Army Units take a break after a heavy lunch liberated from SFG supplies to hatumo and anointment ceremony of Warlord Galayd in Saahdheer
Meanwhile the large amount of foodstuffs donated by president Hasan of Somalia towards the anointment of Galayd as purported regional state president now under the charge of army officers should now be distributed to needy area residents who have long suffered under the terror yoke of American Warlord Galayd and his secessionist cahoots.
Not to mention that the donation is ample proof that the SFG has its hands full in anti Somaliland activities in which monetary and Material mostly military contributions flow on a regular basis.
“Thanks to the diligence of our gallant armed forces Warlord Galayd and his Khatumo have exhausted options for a secessionist operations base anywhere within Somaliland and the government can now set sights towards public services provision without any encumbrances nationwide” says a widow in Hargeisa whose husband was killed during an ambush by Khatumo militias in Taleeh district earlier this year
Though Warlord Ali Khalif Galayd an American citizen born and bred in Sool region is a traitor to the republic of Somaliland he helped found in 1991 and as the old adage says “Give the devil his due” his resilience is worthy of mention having persevered numerous sieges and evictions by the army from Buhoodle, Taleeh, Dabataag and now SaahDheer.

Somaliland army displays battlewagons surrendered  by Khatumo aligned militias /file
If the current government mission in Addis Ababa to have the now in Jigjiga sanctuary warlord extradited to Somaliland for prosecution is successfully the doggedly manner in which that Galayd has pursued his Khatumo state dream even after acknowledging it’s impossibility should be considered during trial thus reflected in sentence which should also include an addendum to the effect that he should use his skills to empower fellow prisoners with his American professorial knowledge that he has long put to waste in pursuit of leadership mirages in the Sool wilderness.