Somaliland: Our Country is Always Ready to Negotiate Peacefully, FM Faraton Tells VOA


Somalilandsun- The government of Somaliland has officially confirmed that it is ready
to start talks with Somalia for amicable separation.

This was stated by Somaliland foreign minister Mr.Yassin Haji Mohammud Hiir Faraton
speaking from the USA.  He said “Somaliland is a peaceful country and ready at all times to solve her differences with her adversaries on the negotiation table.”

Mr.Faraton was speaking to VOA Somali Service in Washington DC. He added that Somaliland will never ever reunite with Somalia.

Somaliland and Somalia are at logger heads since them parting ways 27 years ago, the government of president Farmayo is still clinging to the notion of unification whereas Somaliland is seeking independence.

The Somalia government is doing all in her power to undermine Somaliland prosperity even though it has no power in her territory. The weak Somalia government has no control over most of the regions under her jurisdictions.

The minister is expected to meet with Somaliland diaspora community in the United States of America to brief them of the situation back home. He is also expected to lobby for Somaliland interests go within the echelons of the US government.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir