Somaliland: Oracle Entices Administration to Cloud Storage Technology


As Somaliland technology minister reveals plans of establishing a national data Centre

Oracle cloud roadshow in Hargeisa Somaliland

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government of Somaliland is pursuing avenues of interconnecting all its nationwide operations electronically.
This was revealed during a one day meeting held at the Ambassador hotel in Hargeisa where Oracle Cloud Technology hosted government officials.
The high level government team to the Oracle cloud meeting meeting was led by minister of Technology and council coordination Ali Hamud Jibril included his aviation counterpart Farman Aden Haybe, deputy finance and aviation ministers and the ministry of education director General.
During the cloud technology briefing by the country representative of the Djibouti headquartered Mega Bouique that handles Oracle Company activities locally Mr Adanan Hoog benefits of the government utilizing cloud technology for safe and reliable data storage were divulged.
“The Oracle Cloud Platform enables users to Consolidate and manage databases as cloud services and accelerate analytical performance while achieving new levels of efficiency, security, and availability” said the Mega Boutique rep in his opening remarks.
Touching on the impact of lost data through various means like fire, natural disasters, theft that destroy whatever is save manually Adnaan Hoog stressed on the security of data availed by the Oracle Cloud technology courtesy of its secure servers that enable a client to not only maintain the said despite any disasters but anyway on earth as long as internet connection is available.
Similarly it was also informed that the technology also allows a client, in this instance the Somaliland government, to interconnect all its offices from district, regional to national level offices electronic thence facilitate ease of service provision through apt and instantaneous communication.

Somaliland and Oracle cloud technology officials follow proceedings “As most are aware on premises data management is time consuming as well” said the Mega Boutigue rep adding that this outdated system is also known to result in data loss in case of fires, Earthquakes power vantages and hacking indents among other
On the advantages of Oracle Cloud Technology Adnaan Hoog said “facilitates to deliver great customer experience throughout the customer journey and across all interaction channels. Socially enables enterprise, empower mobile access anywhere, and apply learned insights from actionable data, all with the speed and agility of the Cloud Advocates.

“With utilization of Oracle cloud technology your data hosted by very secure servers is not only ever to be lost but available 24/7” stressed Adnaan as he completed his company’ pitch
According to the technology , Research and councils coordination minister Ali Hamud Jibril the government of Somaliland is in advanced stages of pursuit for secure data and interconnectivity services .

A mega boutique rep pitches the Oracle cloud technology to Somaliland officials Acknowledging the compatibility of the Oracle Cloud technology with the administration’s pursuit of secure data services minister Ali Hamud Jibril also revealed that a Centre for such is being established in Hargeisa.

Said he,”my ministry with the mandate of technological advances in the country is establishing a national data Centre where all state related data shall be stored electronically and availed to the public”
In elaboration the technology minister said the national data Centre has not only been mooted for storage purposes only but enable various state branches like security services, ministries etc coordinated services in an informed fashion.
“Stating that the data Centre has cloud technology at its core , the Oracle services are impressive and will come in handy if and once a client partnership is established” said the minister while adding that plans are at an advanced stage to create a nationwide network coverage with high speed internet.

The Oracle Cloud Technology company services were introduced to the country earlier in the year when Hargeisa was among 47 African cities that simultaneously hosted the Oracle Cloud event day
At the 17th April 2016 event held at the same venue, that pooled its participants from government, institutions of higher learning and the private sectors the minister of Council coordination, Research and Technology Ali Hamud Jibril who was guest of honour said the inclusion of Somaliland to simultaneously hold the Oracle Cloud Day 2016 event with other sub-Saharan countries was a measure of the rapidly growing technology sector.
“Being selected by a company such as Oracle with global operations is matter of pride for the country thence the government’s commitment to facilitating a conducive operational environment for Oracle and other foreign investors as well” said minister Ali Hamud adding that his ministry shall utilize the Oracle Cloud application to store government data.
Just like the The Oracle Cloud Day event in Somaliland, the current meeting with Government officials was organized by Guul Group a UK registered consultancy company that is reckoned with facilitating the Pontus Marine sale of shares to the public worth $5m