Somaliland: Opposition party UDUB Pulls out of Local Council Elections


Waran'ade withdraws his UDUB party from local council electionsBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Local council elections slated for late November have registered its second casualty.

UDUB the country’s main political opposition party will not participate in forthcoming local council elections due to concerted machinations to derail its success in the elections.

The former ruling party voluntarily joins the five members of the consortium of parties’ members of UDHIS, NDB, JAMHURIGA AND HORYAAL political groups whose non-participation at the elections is because of the Parties Registration and Verification Committee- PPR&VC having disqualified them as viable political entities.

According to a statement released by the party’s presidential nominee Mohamed Ali Waran’ade who attributed the withdrawal to a recent, decision by the PPR&VC that nullified the nomination of the opposition party is presidential and vice presidential candidates respectively.

A PPR&VC statement released on 4 September 2012, informed that the nomination of both Ali Mohamed Waran’ade and Ahmed Haji Dahir, as UDUB’s designate presidential and vice presidential nominees have been revoked because the party contravened Article 11 of its own constitution.

As justification for its decision the PPR&VC that had alluded to the fact that the Waran’ade candidature did not emanate from the general assembly, asked the party leadership (read Rayale) to observe the laws of the his party and those of the country he once governed.

According to the former ruling party’s leader Hon Dahir Rayale Kahin the decision by PPR&VC which is not mandated with internal party candidate selection is null and void thus the two remain officially recognized UDUB presidential and vice presidential candidates.

On the issue of UDUB having contravened article 11 0f the constitution, the UDUB party boss and former Somaliland president said that though the party had made some amendments to its constitution, the 15 days allowed for informing PPR&VC was still pend.

Said he, “Before accusing UDUB of unconstitutional activities, the PPR&VC should have waited for the stipulated 15 days before making absurd decisions”

THE UDUB LOCAL COUNCIL ELECTIONS WITHDRAWAL Statement (Excerpts) that alludes to diverse character and dignity assassination actions taken against the political party and its supporters thus illegal elimination as local elections contender and national political actor.

“UDUB is the oldest political party in the country and as all are aware it is directly attributed with having established prevalent government as well as nurtured the country’s democratization having masterminded all past democratic elections that include local councils, Parliamentary and two presidential ones.

During its rule the party that is internationally acclaimed for having relinquished power peaceful following defeat in the 2010 presidential elections, is also accredited with having governed through equality, justice thus fostering national unity that replaced the clannish scourge that had almost torn the nation apart.

It is therefore unfortunate that the party is today under concerted attack geared towards its destruction, by entities driven by only one result, the elimination of the party as political actor in the country. These entities are utilizing the tribal/clannish card long eliminated by UBUD thus return Somalilanders to an era that saw hatred that usually resulted in deaths to innocent people, that is clan against clan.

You Somalilanders are aware that the actions by the PPR&VC were undertaken while UDUB is engaged in compiling its list of candidates to vie for local council elections which we and you are witness that the party would have succeed despite recent internal difficulties that saw massive realignments.

These disruptive acts by the PPR&VC are nothing but a ploy to eliminate your, Citizens, confidence and support of the party after all other prior attempts by the National election commission hit a wall of your faith and loyalty thus failing miserably.

While the PPR&VC actions will not only remove UDUB from the political landscape but also ultimately impinge on the prevailing and hard won peace and security in the country, the entities behind these machinations forget that their quarry is an internationally acclaimed political operator reckoned for steadfastness to the constitution that is now trampled upon.

Dear Somalilanders the elimination of UDUB from the political landscape is a direct result of its steadfastness to the country’s constitution, citizens livelihoods and commitment to non-negotiation with the Somalia as well as persistent stand on the sovereignty and systematic quest for international recognition.

To this effect, we hereby announce to all Somaliland citizens and international election donors that UDUB political party has withdrawn its participation in local council elections until a trustworthy nonpartisan and impartial Political parties registration and verification committee is constituted.

At the same time we demand compensation due from announcement by the PPR&VC that have made the party loss public confidence in addition to time, material and funds wasted in preparation of the 28th November elections that UDUB has withdrawn from. In the meantime, the party will enter a case against the PPR&VC at the High cum constitutional court” end Quote

UDUB the immediate ruling party claims that the PPR&VC decision is in line with others made by the national election Commission-NEC related to ongoing plans of intent to illegally eliminate the oldest party from the political field.

Almost a fortnight ago, the National Election Commission-NEC set 14 September 2012 as the deadline of submission of candidate’s lists by the 9 parties contesting local council elections slated for 28 November 2012. Many perceived this as a ploy against UDUB, which had then just held its central committee meeting that nominated Waran’ade as well as approved election strategies.

It had been thought UDUB the oldest political party in the country, would nit beat that deadline owing to the major infighting that had afflicted the party from early this year, splitting it into to two factions whose resolution ensued after the Jamal/Ahmed Yusuf faction defected to UCID.

While debate on the demise or resurrection of UDUB held sway nationwide the party surprised, many by tabling its full list, at one go, of local council candidates for Maroodi-Jeeh (Hargeisa) region. This was contrary to the other eight contestants who have been announcing piecemeal candidates.

Once, (According to the supporters) the party made the Maroodi-Jeeh candidates announcement, NEC’s deadline became a beatable thus in cahoots’ appeared the PPR&VC with claims of revocations and accusations of constitutional contraventions that on reply from UDUB appear flimsy and groundless.

As per the Waran’ade statement that also informs that the party would reverse, anon, its election participation withdrawal if the PPR&VC apologizies for its unconstitutional decision against it.

The prevalent situation makes this demand an impossibility thus UDUB will implement its threat of pressing charges against the Parties registration committee at the High court cum constitutional court, thence postponement of all council election related activities by NEC until the case is determined.


If affected, the UDUB case will be the second case instituted against PPR&VC by a disgruntled political entity at the High cum Constitutional court whose bench of five judges ruled against the consortium of party’s members of UDHIS, NDB, JAMHURIGA AND HORYAAL political groups.

The consortium of parties case which contended that the PPR&VC’s decision to disqualify its members was as viable local council elections contestants was illegally and unconstitutionally as its members had individually, fulfilled arguing that their groups were defeated before even elections were held.

In the case in question, the consortium of parties had accused the PPR&VC of having acted unconstitutionally when it disqualified nine groups out of 15 following a nationwide verification exercise. The groups claimed that possession of documented print and audiovisual proof that their having compiled with all verification requirements as established in article 14 told the court that the illegality of their disqualification emanated from the decision having been made on orders of senior government officials with personal political agendas.

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