Somaliland: “Opposition Parties Shirk Duties of Opposition Politics” Food-yare


Somaliland MP Mohamed Hussein Foodhyare

Somalilandsun – Mohamed Hussein Food-yare, a former Somaliland MP for 12 years, has described Waddani a party that is incapable of acting like an opposition party. Mr Foodyare’s remarks came in the wake of scuffle between Somaliland Parliamentary speaker, Abdirahman Irro, and the Deputy Speaker, Bashe Mohamed Farah.

” We should not defend personalities but we should defend institutions”, said Foodyare, who criticised parliamentary Speaker Abditahman Irro for not allowing MPs to vote on the privatisation of Berbera Oil Terminal.

” Somaliland opposition parties have shirked their duty to work as opposition parties. They are personal properties of leaders.

I call for Somaliland Parliamentary Speaker to resign” Mr Foodyare said. He censured UCID Deputy Chairman, Ali Gurey, for using a bad language “as though he has a license to insult”. Somaliland Parliamentary Speaker is coming under pressure to resign as many people question his suitability to remain Presidential Candidate for 2017 Somaliland elections following the fight at the parliament and threats made by his supporters.

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