Somaliland: Opposition Parties Release Six Points Ultimatum


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The joint Opposition Parties Somaliland national status Situational Assessment Conference has concluded in Hargeisa.

The conference jointly held by the opposition parties of UCID and Wadani that had the objective of brainstorming a number of issues mainly economy and inflation, Constitution, national institutions (Executive, Legislative & Judiciary), Quest for recognition, Security and the Democratization process with emphasis on elections concluded with a six-point communiqué.

The Communiqué co-signed by the leaders of UCID and Wadani political parties Eng Feisal Ali Warabe and Abdirahman Mohamed Irro read

1. That the president of Somaliland should immediately execute the binding tripartite parties agreement reached on the 26th May 2015 as pertains to holding presidential and parliamentary elections.

2. In lieu of the head of state’s failure to effect the tripartite agreement it shall thus be deemed that the president is not willing to the holding f free and fair elections in the country.

We shall therefore be left with no option other than indulging our international community partners’ intervention

3. The two opposition parties are firm in their determination towards holding the elections as agreed on the 26th May that is going to polls in December 2016 and failure of such shall force the parties to resort to the date timeframe of 1st June 2016 as originally slated by the National Election commission.

4. The election dates of April 2017 set by Guurti is null and void since it does not conform with section 5 article 42 of the Somaliland Constitution which stipulates that in case of national disasters or war the upper chamber of parliament has the mandate to extend the presidential and parliamentary terms as well as election date fixing.

There being neither natural disasters nor war prevailing in the country Guurti does not have the legal authority to decide contrary to election dates slated by the National Election commission

5. As per the decision of the Constitutional court pertaining to immediate resolution of the electing dates dispute as well as on the presidential and parliamentary terms extension “We the opposition political parties are hereby resolved to adhere to the courts’ decision in full.

6. The joint Opposition Parties of UCID and Wadani are steadfast in their commitment to continued peaceful co-existence and sustenance of national security coupled with the oneness and sovereignty of the republic of Somaliland.

Initially slated as a two days function the joint opposition parties national situational conference was officially kicked off at the Dalhiis hotel in Hargeisa last Saturday