Somaliland: Open Letter to the Nation


Aniis. A. Essa

By: Aniis. A. Essa

Somalilandsun – If somebody believes Somaliland cannot govern by them, and would not work without the rest of Somalia; the Somalilanders figures their country can do better without the rest of Somalia. Some rumors said, all Somaliland Officials, and elders are two side of the same coin, because both would favor concessions to prevent a split, and support what they call national unity.

We are asking all the present Somaliland Officials and elders to speak out, so that their people could judge who can provide the leadership Somaliland needs to achieve the goals of the second chance of their independence. Very few people become ahead of only intended to kill the good hope of their people; dreams that were designed to resist from recovering the tragic death that was planned to provoke civil war between the brothers and sisters of Somaliland. Where are their positions in the society for those who want to betray their people and country; those who are encouraging to divide their people into groups?

Obviously, the issue and the idea of sovereignty for Somaliland will not die, even if some of its present prominent Officials and elders work hard to create again the unification between Somaliland and the rest of Somalia. So whatever that recommended, and whatever resolution were passed between them, and those from the rest of Somalia; they have to realize that there are other people in Somaliland; plenty of young people who might continue to succeed their dreams of building the nation of Somaliland. This politicians and elders must understand that emotions are running high against them. Who hope those of you who came to power and started the reforms in Somaliland understand the consequences, and the dangers to withstand the numerous challenges ahead. They will either become heroes, though, and ruthless Somaliland patriots, or weak, defeated, and persons without prestige for the rest of their lives within the nation of Somaliland. Somaliland is now independent, and its people would never forgive their leaders, if they repeat the same mistake of July 1960; that has led the destruction of their land, and the massacre of their beloved people.

Somalilanders should put their emphasis on national, rather than giving priority to personal interests, and the interests of other countries and people. We have to remember that we are entering an era, where every state in the world is shifting towards national interest. There will be tremendous liberation of energy and collective enthusiasm in Somaliland, if we do take on this challenge. That must be the goal and the motivation of the people of Somaliland. We consider our people entrepreneurs, education, and democratic, and they will establish and implement democratic institution. We must appreciate the brightness and the strength of our people.

Our freedom and independence, long our most cherished possession will exist only in the history books, if we do not show our sovereignty and our territorial integrity to the international community. We have to realize that we are not different from the former Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union, who break up into different independent countries. If Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, and Bosnia can be a sovereign countries, why not in Somaliland? We have to have the will, the political will, and the collective will. In addition to that, Somaliland was an independence from the British Empire before Southern Somalia got their independence from the Italian government. For that reason exercising our right of self-determination the democratic world will grant recognition to Somaliland without hesitation. Because all people have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political statues and freely pursue their economic, social, and cultural development.

As the date of recognition and liberation approached, Somaliland will inevitably be a strong sovereign nation again. The only most dangerous mistake we could make is to ignore our difference. We can have an opposition, but we must find ways to disagree without damaging the statehood of Somaliland. The inspiration for the true leap forward for Somaliland must come from within the people making up the nation. Everybody must know that all Somalilanders believe and understand that the past can no longer be recreated, and there will be no more of the artificial nation-state of the co-called great Somalia.