Somaliland: Open Letter to International Community Stakeholders

Somalilanders are peace loving and independent

Somalilandsun: Ismail Lugweyne A citizen of somaliland address the international community as pertains the ongoing events pertaining to the Redsea.

Below are his verbatim arguments  titled Open letter to Somaliland stakeholders

Your excellences,

I have a great pleasure and glad drafting this letter to you to inform you how Somaliland people feel and judge with regard the countries and the international organization you represent in Somaliland as feeling of the people is much deeper than truth.  As general rule, our feeling can see what we cannot see in own our eyes.   Our hearts and thoughts can see what we cannot see physically. Geographically, Somaliland is located in violent region affected by wars, conflicts and hostilities, terrorism and pirates for several decades.  Since the collapse of central government in Somalia, Somali pirates which is an armed robbery in the sea and oceans impose great threat to global trade and international shipping. This is why the International Maritime Bureau considers Somali coast the most dangerous stretch of water in the world.

Hijacking on seas and oceans has become lucrative business for Somali pirates as they releases hostages after receives huge ransom from the relatives and friends of the hostages Somali pirate attacks surged to alarming levels and prompted an international intervention. Hostage taking is crime under the international law across the world being armed robbery. Somali pirates equipped with rocket-propelled grenades.  They use small, fast speedboats to get around and work with crews of 10 or more and once they find a good target, they launch hooks and rope ladders up to board the ship and overwhelm the crew.

What is surprising, Somali pirates don’t see themselves as bad guys.  According to shipping watch, the Danish Ship owners association said the Somali pirates in Somali coast piracy have cost the world trade US dollars 8 billion.  Taken above into consideration, Somali pirates cost 18 billion US dollars to global trade. But contrarily, Somaliland has taken landmark role for the safety of international shipping.  The growth of world trade depends the safety of international shipping and the growth of global trade.  Unlike Somaliland, the fragile government in Somalia did not played visible role to combat Somali pirates close to Somali water.

Your excellences, taken above into account, it is regrettable that Somaliland stakeholders have never paid attention the undeniable role Somaliland has contributed about world peace, the safety of world trade and international shipping. Quite often, Somaliland stakeholders speaks about Somaliland elections, but failed rewarding Somaliland the historic role Somaliland has contributed about world peace and global trade. In reality, Somaliland is the only country in the region whereby there is no war, conflict, hostilities, terrorism and piracy and this peaceful environment has contributed greatly to world peace and security. But it is unfortunate the international community have never paid attention the strategic role Somaliland has played about world peace and security.  Somaliland coastal guards play a great role protecting Somaliland national security in Somaliland waters that stretches almost 900 kilometers.

Your excellences, 24/7 Somaliland coastal guards patrol Somaliland water to prevent pirates, human trafficking and illegal fishing in Somaliland water.   The peace, security and stability in Somaliland has contributed global peace and global trade.  The role of Somaliland coastal guards has generated maritime safety in Somaliland water. Somaliland coastal guards are in front line for our maritime security.   Somaliland coastal guards employs maritime duties aimed ensuring safe and secure in Somaliland coastlines. Despite this everlasting alarming circumstances that cost billions of dollars, Somaliland has saved from this everlasting catastrophe in view of the peace, stability, security and democracy in Somaliland which is a rare scenario in horn of Africa or Africa in general. Your excellences, while Somaliland has employed milestone role about world peace, global trader and the safety of the international shipping explained in the above, Somaliland people and its government cannot accept blaming Somaliland for a minor issues which has no role with regard world peace and the safety of global trade.

There is nothing on earth more important than peace and security in any part world which Somaliland is clear example.  When I am in Somaliland, I walk in the streets alone without protection, feel extra safe and back atmosphere is an indication of impressed environment, Marry Harper, BBC world services, east Africa chief editor. Marry Harper said above comments while visiting Somaliland several months ago. Marry Harper is journalist and writer reporting and broadcasting from east Africa and horn of Africa since early 1990s.  She is famous popular female BBC world services journalist reporting in the region.   The international community have denied the unbounded role Somaliland has played about world peace and global trade in terms of money

Your Excellency, the international community spends billions of US dollars to make peace and order in Somalia, but no vain while contrary is true in the case of Somaliland. What is surprising Somaliland stakeholders did not even finance Somaliland election process which is less than 10 million dollars. Peace and security have provided Somaliland population to enjoy law and order. Somaliland plays dynamic role in and international efforts to combat extremism.  Somaliland peace came from its people working together and has traditional conflict solution machinery in place which has nurtured mutual trust and dialogue by its people.
This model was instituted on moving society towards the state that was tested state-building.  Peace and security have provided Somaliland people to enjoy law and order and uninterrupted stability. Somaliland has a special place in the political developments in horn of Africa. Peace and stability in Somaliland means peace in the world. In reality, Somaliland stakeholders have the worst double standard in history. Commonsense is, we should reward the bright student, but not the student who scored the bottom mark for the school examination. Comparison wise, Practically, Somaliland stakeholders awarded the best gift to the student who scored the last mark for the school examination and this not agree for the commonsense. Zooming up, Somaliland stakeholders should recalculate their unfair and wrong policy towards Somaliland which did not tally with the commonsense.


Ismail lugweyne.