Somaliland: One Dies as Floods Overwhelm Gabile


Arabsiyo residents rescue passengers at a flooded section of the Hargeisa Gabile road

By: Yusuf M. Hassan

Arabsiyo (Somalilandsun) – heavy rains in various areas of Gabile region have resulted in the death of one person and near mishap to others.

The death occurred after a PSV was swept by floods at a bridgeless road section in Arabsiyo where 8 others escaped unscathed.

Sources indicate that the driver of the car a Noah type PVS was the only one to sustain injuries that are being treated at the Gabile regional hospital.

“Thanks to the efforts of local resident 8 persons were rescued from the jaws of death” said Abdillahi Sharmarke who was among the rescuers on the same uneventful day in the country’s western region that also saw the corpse of a male youth retrieved from the Gabile valley during a community fronted efforts to rescue flood affected senior government officials.

The Gabile deputy governor"s car was rescued before submerging to disaster by local residentsThe corpse of the yet to be identified person was discovered by residents of Wajaale district while rescuing the Gabile deputy governor and officials of the National Drought Relief Committee.

Reports from the regional administration indicate that the Gabile deputy administrator Ali Asse and Drought relief committee officials were from duties in drought affected remote areas of Wajaale district when their 4×4 land cruiser vehicle was pushed out of the road by fast running waters.

“If it wasn’t for the Gallantry displayed by ordinary citizen the end result for the mishap would have been fateful” said Governor Ali

Ironically the carnage being experienced in various parts of the country as a result of heavy rains comes in the heels of a severe drought whose effect continue to be felt despite the rains.