Somaliland: On the Brink, An ABC News Drought Report-Video


Meet Dr Yusuf Ali Dirir of Burao Hospitsl who is among the medics behind the fight against starvation and disease in Somaliland

Somalilandsun-At Burao Regional Hospital in Somaliland, there are more patients than beds Dr. Yusuf Ali Dirir continues his fight on the frontlines.
Ali, the Toghdeer regional director of health, said that many children had already died. The UN Refugee Agency is issuing an urgent warning: The risk of mass deaths from starvation in the Horn of Africa is growing, making the humanitarian crisis inevitable.
This was reported by ABC News following a visit by anchor David Muir and his team accompanied Carolyn Miles, CEO of Save the Children US, as the organization sent out mobile clinics to isolated villages deep in the deserts of Somaliland.
There, at Burao they found a little boy, so weak he could not stand. A band was placed on his arm to measure his level of malnutrition. His result was in the red measurement, signaling severe acute malnutrition.
ABC NEWS Reports of Droughts in Somaliland