Somaliland: NEC Appoints Election Monitoring Team


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The National Election Commission-NEC has established avenues to ensure election rules are observed.

NEC has created an election monitoring committee composed of 20 members whose mandate is to ensure that all political players adhere to election ruling during the ongoing campaign as well as voting day for the local council elections to be held on 28th November 2012.

The creation of the monitoring committee and subsequent appointment of its membership of 20 became public through a press statement signed by all the seven Election commissioners.

Members of the election monitoring committee that is to have national and regional offices include:

National Office

1. Dr Aden Yusuf Abokor

2. Ahmed Mohamed Adaad

3. Abdiqadir Ali Dube

4. Nuur Ahmed Ibrahim

5. Abdi Yusuf Aar

6. M/s Anab Abib Dahir

7. Mubarak Ibrahim Aar

8. Sultan Nassir Abdi Ismail

Regional Offices

• Abdiqadir Arab Warsame and Mohamed Hussein Osman Mu’adinka-Maroodi jeeh Region

• Yasin Ibrahim Magan and. Hasan Hirsi-Awdal Region

• Abdi Saeed Aden and Mohamed Abdirahman Mahmud-Sahil Region

• M/s Sa’ado Hashi Awad and Yusuf Jama Saeed –Toghdeer Region

• Ali Ahmed Abdi “Antar” and Ismail Suleiman Yusuf -Sool Region and

• Osman Abdi Shabeel and Ali Abdi Hure-Sanaag Region