Somaliland Offers a Hand to Somali Neighbors in Need


“It is not the amount of their contribution that matters but their empathy” Mogadishu Mayor

Down Memory lane to Oct 11, 2011

Somalilandsun – Although it has been independent from Somalia since 1991, people from Northern Somaliland still have compassion for their neighbors in the south who have been suffering from droughts, IRIN reports.

A recent humanitarian delegation from the Republic of Somaliland helped those suffering in the Somali capital of Mogadishu by providing relief aid for nearly 9,000 displaced families.

“We plan to distribute food for 9,000 families and medicine for four hospitals,” Hasan Abdi Awed, chairman of Somaliland’s Chamber of Commerce and leader of the eight-member delegation, told the publication. “The food we are distributing will last the beneficiary families for one month.”

The Somaliland government announced that it would participate in the intentional efforts to provide support and humanitarian aid to its neighbors in Somalia earlier this year, and began planning the project in August. Since then, people in the country and members of the government raised $700,000 to donate to people staying in the capital and Somali refugees who have been taking shelter at camps in Dabaab, Kenya.

“We are glad to receive the delegation from Somaliland, which is here in response to the humanitarian crisis,” Mogadishu Mayor Mohamed Ahmed Nur Tarsan told the publication. “It is not the amount of their contribution that matters but their empathy is more important.