Somaliland: Norway’s International Conflict Resolution Expertise Imperative in our Talks with Somalia-President Bihi

President Bihi welcomes Norway's deputy envoy to Kenya Ambassador Stian Christensen to the Somaliland Presidency in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun: Norway is an internationally acclaimed authority in the peaceful resolution of conflict among nations.
This was unanimously agreed upon at the Somaliland Presidency in Hargeisa during a meeting between President Musa Bihi Abdi and a visiting Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs delegation led by the country’s deputy envoy to Kenya Ambassador Stian Christensen.
The Norwegian delegation also included the country’s envoy designate to Somaliland and Somalia Ambassador Theidi Johansen who is currently hosted at the Nairobi mission and on his maiden visit to Hargeisa.
With the meeting’s essence being enhanced of existing bilateral relations between the two countries top on the was the forthcoming Parliamentary and local councils elections, humanitarian and development Partnership as well as the internationally sanctioned but stuttering talks between Somaliland and Somalia.

From left Norwegian envoy to Somaliland and Somalia Amb Theidi Johansen , Norwegian deputy envoy to Kenya Amb Stian Christensen and president Musa Bihi at the Presidency in Hargeisa

President Bihi who expressed his country’s determination towards conclusive negotiations with Somalia more specifically an amicable separation after ill fated union, but remains stalled due to lack of agreements implementation by the federal government in Mogadishu, took the opportunity to invite Norway’s participation.
“Your country is internationally acclaimed as a successful negotiator and resolution mediator among warring nations” said President Bihi adding that for the on and off talks between his country and Somalia this Norwegian expertise and experience is imperative.
Acknowledging on the need to expedite a conclusive end to the Somaliland – Somalia impasse , Amb. Christensen said that her country has accepted the invite to participate in future talks.
For several decades, Norway has played the role of facilitator between parties to conflicts. Promoting conflict resolution and reconciliation is a central aspect of Norwegian foreign policy.
Working closely with the ministry of foreign affairs in this issue is the Norwegian Centre for Conflict Resolution- NOREF an independent foundation working for the peaceful resolution of armed conflicts.
Norway is currently involved in peace efforts in a number of countries HERE

Though it does not officially recognize Somaliland as a sovereign nation, Norway is a long humanitarian and development Partner directly through the government in Hargeisa and both local and international non state actor organizations.
With the Norwegian Refuge Council-NRC seemingly the main vehicle in which the Government in Oslo channels it’s humanitarian and development funds, Somaliland is also beneficiary of intense interventions in the areas of human rights, Gender Based Violence and Female Genital cutting.
Her policy statement as pertains to the Challenging Harmful Attitudes and Norms for Gender Equality and Empowerment in Somaliland (CHANGES) program states

President Bihi and Norway’s deputy envoy to Kenya Ambassador Stian Christensen at Somaliland Presidency in Hargeisa

“Norway’s support to the promotion and respect of human rights in Somalia/Somaliland aims at contributing to strengthening human rights institutions, both public institutions and civil society organisations. This support is given through dialogue with Somali authorities, civil society and the United Nations. We keep a special focus on societal inclusivity, government accountability and women’s rights.

Though the Norwegian multi-sectored intervention is highly appreciated the lack of a diplomat mission be it consulate or trade office in Hargeisa is a major setback for Somaliland notwithstanding the deployment of Ambassador Theidi Johansen