Somaliland: Norway to Deport Somali Refugees


Somalis in Norway

Somaliland sun- 1,600 Somalis who had residence permit in Norway, are at risk of their refugee status being revoked deported to Somalia.

120 Somalis have already received notice from the Immigration department (UDI) that their residence permit can be revoked after the government instructed the immigration department about it, NRK news  reported.

Among those who risk being deported to, are many families with children and unaccompanied minors.

It is the first time the authorities plan to withdraw valid residence permits of people living in Norway.

Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug has said that the reason for the instructions to UDI is that in this regard, they haven’t obtained a final residence permit in Norway, while at same time the situation in Somalia has returned to normal.

A Koranic teacher who requested anonymity, said his life would be in danger in Somalia, and Bashe Musa in the Somali network is very much shaken.

This is terrible and affects many families with children. Otherwise we know that the security in Mogadishu is inadequate says Musa.