Somaliland: Norway Enhancing Local Capacities to Manage Natural Resources


Oslo also seeking a role in participating in Dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government of Norway is determined in supporting the proper management of abundant natural resources in Somaliland.

This development follows a meeting between Somaliland President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and the Norwegian special envoy to Somaliland and Somalia Mr. Jens Mjaugea held at the Hargeisa presidency.
Though the meeting was held in-camera a joint press conference by foreign minister Mohamed Behi Younis and Envoy Mjaugea divulged snippets of discussions most importantly being the commitment to enhance existing bilateral relations between the two countries.
According to FM Behi Younis the Somaliland government was beholden to the Norwegians for accepting to share their wide knowledge and experience in resources natural resource management especially oil and minerals.
“Apart from resource management skill transfer the Norwegians are also intent on facilitating our government’s counter piracy activities as well as dialogue with the Somalia Federal Government-SFG” said Behi

Norwegian special envoy to Somaliland and Somalia Mr. Jens Mjaugea and Foreign minister Mohamed Behi press briefing at the Presidency in Hargeisa
While acknowledging the imperatives of enhancing bilateral relations Envoy Jens Mjaugea revealed that his government intent on helping uplift livelihoods of Somalilanders shall facilitate skilled management of natural resources in the country that abound both onshore and offshore.
“Apart from resource management Norway which is intent on backing up Somaliland to maintain its stable status in the Horn region shall also smooth the progress establishing of a political formula geared towards dialogue with neighbouring countries” said the Norwegian envoy to Somaliland and Somalia
Informing that Norway at large is home to many Somalilanders thence cautious of his next Statement Mr. Jens Mjaugea revealed that Oslo, the seat of the Norwegian Government, and in line with that of other members of the international community considers Somaliland as part and parcel of Somalia.
“While in reality Somaliland and Somalia are two different countries, the perception by my country and the IC can only be reversed by the government’s and peoples of the two neighbouring countries” said Mjaugea

The Norwegians who apart from determination to support ongoing internationally sanctioned talks between Somaliland and Somalia is also Seeking a formula on role to play with assistance in political stability and dialogue within the Horn region.
While not officially announced it is most likely that Norway shall be the first country to accept invitation by Somaliland to participate as observer in its talks with Somalia expected to resume anytime soon in Turkey.