Somaliland: Non School Fees Paying Minister Abducts Headmaster


Young Muslim academy Hargeisa somalilamd

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The whereabouts of the Young Muslim Academy Headmaster remains in doubt.
This uncertainty follows the abduction of the headmaster of the privateLy owned Hargeisa based school by the Somaliland deputy minister of health Hasan Dahir Dhimbil stormed the institution in company of three police officers.
According to Abdiwahab a parent of an YMA student the minister entered the headmaster’s office wielding a pistol and ordered his security detail to frogmarch him out of the school which is opposite the Heath ministry headquarters.
Reports indicate that the deputy heath minister was incensed by the headmaster after he sent away his son for allegedly school fee non payment, said to be overdue for a couple of months and in the hundreds of dollars charge by the high cost school where only children of the affluent attend.

Somaliland deputy minister of health Hasan Dahir Dhimbil Now the big question remaining is, was the perpetrator acting in his capacity as a parent or a high ranking public official in an administration that continuously sees president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo let down by his appointees.

For this sad saga there is only one conclusion, the deputy health minister should make a public apology and pay outstanding school fees. On the other hand why not enroll his children In the schools operated by the Government he serves? Without mentioning that they are cheaper or doesn’t he and others of his ilk have faith in the public schools?