Somaliland: Non Recognition of SL is Tragic-Sir Tony Baldry


Down memory lane with Sir Tony Baldry, Ian Fenwick and Amb Ali Awale on issues related to Anglo Somaliland Resources and the Quest for Recognition

L-R Sir Tony Baldry, Amb Ali Awale and Ian Fenwick on issues ASR and Somaliland recognitiond

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somaliland sun – Despite its two decades status as de-facto state and its prevalent peace, security and internal cohesion Somaliland has seen the international community by-passed it ad recognize other countries with a violent background like Eritrea, Kosovo and South Sudan.

This is according to the Chairman of the Anglo Somaliland Resources-ASR Sir Tony Baldry during an interview with Slntv in which he also castigated the UN Somalia and Eretria Monitoring Group-UN-SEMG  report of October 2015  for its criticism of his company’s fishery contractual arrangements with the government of Somaliland.

During the interview at his chambers in London Sir Bawdry was accompanied by the development manager of ASR Ian Fenwick and the Somaliland representative in UK Ambassador Ali Awale.

Showing amazement on why the International Community continues to ignore the over two decades Somaliland’s quest for recognition Sir Tony wondered what was wrong in the UN facilitating a referendum just it did for Eritrea and South Sudan to mention just a few.

Hopefully in the course of the coming year the international community shall perceive the issue of Somaliland quest for recognition thence complete disassociation with Somalia” said Sir Baldry

On the issue of the UN criticism Sir Tony Baldry said that it was very disappointing since SEMG erred greatly in its failure to grasp the arrangements between the government in Hargeisa and the Anglo Somaliland Resources as pertains to fishing contracts.

According to Sir Tony Baldry the UN Group did not secure factual information from the relevant stakeholders it condemned before submitting its report.

Sir Tony Baldry speaks with Aden Mohamed Osman of Slntv CorrespondentIn a covert association of the reports condemnation and continued deaf ears and blind eyes to the recognition quest the English peer who is not only an investor but major supporter of Somaliland had this to say

“Since the natural resources of Somaliland are in the sole responsibility of its government and people the UN disparagement is part of concerted efforts within some circles to undermine Somaliland’s independence thence perpetual and forced lumping with Somalia” adding that the proper behavior of its citizens and lack of loud noises coupled with relentless pursuit for peace are major factors behind the IC ignorance.

What is the Anglo Somaliland Resources?

In his briefing development manager of ASR Ian Fenwick gave detailed information as pertains ongoing, relations with the government in Hargeisa, continued pursuit for investment and strategies for the future.

According to Amb Ali Awale the UN_SEMG never approached the Somaliland government at one time for information pertaining to its arrangements with ASR.

Stating that Somaliland was keenly looking for investors more from the United Kingdom Amb Awale further quipped on why the UN was more interested in contracts issued by the government in Hargeisa rather than treat its quest for recognition similarly to that of East Timor that played only for three years.

“We expect the international community and more the UN to be positive about our nation building, we expect them to very carefully in criticizing those who want to help our people and our development and hopefully this fallacy is an eye opener for the criticizers of our people who are in really need but ever faithful to sustenance of peace and security at all costs” said Amb Ali Awale.

In conclusion Amb Awale urged the IC community to provide recognition to Somaliland since it was not asking to become independent since it attained the same long before Somalia.

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