Somaliland: Nomadic Project Solution in Unique Country Experience


Somalilandsun – Nomad’s first foray into Somaliland to promote its workshop focussing on SAP, PRINCE2 and Job Empowerment was a unique experience.

Even though I had visited Somaliland numerous times in the past, back then it was purely for social and family reasons. To return in August 2015 wearing my business glasses was an exhilarating and fulfilling experience.

First of all I was impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit as well as the drive and ambition of the Somali business men/women I came across.

This passion was equally rivalled by the thirst for knowledge and skills when I also met the university students who were part of Nomad’s SAP training plan.

The purpose of this trip was based on two goals which were the following:-

SAP Business One: To introduce and promote the world’s leading ERP system to Somaliland: This goal was easily achieved as I met numerous businessmen who were impressed with the capabilities of the system. Keep an eye out for future blog posts as we convert these sale leads into sales opportunities.

Job Empowerment: Raise awareness for the inclusive SAP Business One training programme: This intensive training camp would take place in December 2015 and would give job seekers in Somaliland the opportunity to be skilled and well versed in SAP B1. Those who passed the exam would also have the opportunity to work for Nomad in a three month employment scheme. This goal was also reached successfully due to the workshops we ran which generated a huge interest from the university’s students. It also attracted the attention of a national TV broadcaster, click here to watch.

I would like to end this blog by saying a personal thanks to the parties for their contribution in making this business trip a success.

In no particular order we would like to give our thanks and appreciation to the following:-

Maan-Soor Hotel Hargeisa: Hotel where we hosted our first workshop.

Admas Univeristy: University where we hosted our second workshop.

Horn Cable: National TV broadcaster who honoured us by promoting our workshop on TV.

SONYO Umbrella: Somaliland Youth Organisation whose President attended our first workshop.

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