Somaliland: No Space for Tribalism


Somalilandsun – Whatever happened yesterday is exactly what this column has perpetually been fighting against in order to hold it at bay.

It is quite unfortunate that issues which would have hitherto been addressed in the August houses should let run amok and spill over the streets.
As we support to the hilt the words of the Head of State calling to sobriety the MPs and politicians, we take to underpin the fact that the prevalent peaceful stability and developmental aspects so far achieved are but issues that was/has been realized through much shading of blood and rebuilding through painstaking duress, from the ashes of ruins.
That much said we do acknowledge the immunity statues of MPs and associated VIPs; however when it comes to actions that violate the same Acts that cushion them, then the public honour of the concerned needs no more defending for the national integrity surpasses all whims of individual interests.
Of course we are at a loss of words, for instance, at the demise of the late Shukri in Burao; just as we are at a loss of words for the chaos that erupted both there and here in the city.
It is wise that the state delve into the circumstances that resulted to the chaotic scenarios whose incidences resulted in casualties. Since the nation is indebted to cohesion to prosper, anything that undermines its integrity goes against the essence of our existence.
Somalilanders are not going to accept public officials infringe public security order with impunity.
Investigations should be done to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the provocation and the incidences themselves since the nation is indebted to the international community’s binding conventions and pacts. We should not dent our image in the eyes of the IC.
Senior MPs who hold committee chairperson-ships have no right breaching public order relentlessly. So too do security personnel have no rights going about misusing their powers.
Both, and all, have tenets and certain regulated legal norms to operate and conduct themselves under (and within).
For instance when a minister, a DG or any elected official, be they MPs or councilors, have no special immunity rights that may leave them off the hooks if they grossly infringe bodily harm on one or kill anybody.
So, too, do security personnel have no rights to heavy handedly go about their jobs such that they may provoke public outrages naively.
There are always ways and means of managing crises and Somaliland can NOT afford to have its image trampled upon.
We thank the authorities who made efforts to have the apprehended journalists yesterday released.
Similarly, we once again praise the President on his call to the members of the public, the parliament and politicians to maintain security and be diligent, minding their expected cues.
An Original Editorial of The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the State owned Dawan Media group