Somaliland: No Demos took Place in Gabile, says RG


Governor Mustafe Abdi Isse Shine says Journalists apprehension meant to save them from public wrath

By: M A. Egge
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Two journalists belonging to Horn Cable and Somsat televisions have been arrested in Gebiley and have been arraigned in court at the end of the week for libelous misreporting.
Confirming the incident, the Regional Governor Mr. Mustaffe Abdi Issa a.k.a. Shiine also made it clear that there was no any incident of any kind of demonstration by the members of the public that took place in Gebiley town.
“It is true that the there have been a case of two journalists being apprehended,” said the RG elaborating that the action was meant to save them from public wrath.
“We had to hold them following threats from Kulmiye officials and their supporters who were aggrieved of some libelous reports filed by the journalists”, said the governor.
He added that since then the issue was taken to court in a case that pitted the reporters against the aggrieved party officials.
Similarly the RG made it vivid that there was no demo held in the town against the party that took place at all. “What we only witnessed was the picture of a burning flag being burnt hence photographed by the journalists without any other supporting clip (photo) backing the claim of an underlying incident”, said Mr. Musfaffa.
He continued while posing the fact, “If there was any demo going on them we could have witnessed people in action”.
Meanwhile the RG said that the ongoing exercises going on in the country was readily being awaiting for.
“The members of the public understand and know the importance of the issuance of the national identity cards hence are anxious to participate in the exercise going on,” he said.
He denied that there were any mass defections from the ruling party to the oppositions.
“If anything, the ruling party has just held a major meeting in town that brought ranks closing from all districts level to the regional one that reiterated public support for the party”, he quipped.