Somaliland: No Consultations with Public Officials Before 11am, Legislators Ordered

Speaker of Somaliland Parliament Bashe Mohamed Farah

Somalilandsun: Sessions of the Somaliland House of representatives should strictly be adhered to by all.

This was stated by the house speaker Bashe Mohamed Farah as he issued warnings against meetings held between Parliamentary sub-committees and public officials.

“As from today henceforth all  Somaliland House of Representatives Parliamentary subcommittee chairmen should cease making appointments with public officials between 9-11am” said speaker Bashe adding that the order extends to whenever the house is in session.

According to dictates of the Somaliland constitution parliament has the right to be briefed by government officials on a regular basis or whenever called upon to do so.

The speaker said that the new rules that allow such meetings to take place after 11am or upon end of house sessions was made necessary due to a regular lack of quorum as MPs who are members of various committees meet with public officials