Somaliland: New Turkish Envoy Commits to Sustainable Bilateral Relations


As president Silanyo urges the government in Ankara to support drought alleviation and issue visas to Somaliland passport holders

President Silanyo receives incoming Turkey Consul General to Somaliland Amb Ali Noyan Coskun at the presidency in Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun- My priority appointment mandate as new Consul General at the Turkish diplomatic mission in Hargeisa is to strengthen bilateral relations between our two countries.
This was stated by the incoming resident consul general at the Turkish diplomatic mission in Somaliland Ambassador Ali Noyan Coskun during a meeting with president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo at the presidency in Hargeisa.
During the meeting president Silanyo who was flanked by his energy minister Eng Hussein Abdi Duale and state minister for foreign affairs Prof Mohamed Mihile Bogore, took the opportunity to thank the Turkish government and People for continued friendship while requesting the authorities in Ankara, chip in with drought relief support.
Joint Turkey Somaliland press briefing at the presidency in Hargeisa Similarly the Somaliland head of state upon commending the cordial diplomatic relations that exist between the two countries urged implementation of promised issuance of visas to holders of Somaliland passports.
During a post-meeting press briefing conducted jointly by presidential spokesperson Eng Hussein Adan Deyr and Amb Ali Noyan Coskun, acknowledgment was unanimous as per agreed imperatives of not only sustaining but enhancing on existing relations between the two countries.
“Apart from drought relief and the easing of travel between the two countries the president and Ambassador also discussed further cooperation in education and investment” said Eng Hussein Deyr

Revealing his confidence on determination to improve relations with his country that he has discerned among officials and citizens of Somaliland during his short stay Amb Coskun pledged to ensure that his tenure translates this determination to success.
The incoming Turkish diplomat replaces Muzaffer Yuksel, who has served in Hargeisa for a number of years without a Somaliland counterpart in Ankara.

Outgoing and incoming Turkish envoys to Somaliland ambassadors Muzaffer Yukse and Ali Noyan Coskun respectively watch 

Joint press briefing