Somaliland: New Radio Hargeisa Transmitter Commissioned


President arrives at Radio Hargeisa and inspects the new toolsBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The national radio station is now audible to listeners in various parts of the world.

The president H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo has officially commissioned the newly installed Radio Hargeisa transmitter that avails the state station capability to not only transmit nationwide but to various countries internationally.

The president who congratulated the ministry of information on the successful installation of the new 100Kw radio transmitter said it is now imperative for the ministry to enhance its service quality since the station is now available to a broad audience internationally.

During the colourful ceremony, the hundreds of participants were availed Radio Hargeisa broadcasts through the new transmitter. At the 7,120 kHz frequency,

A joint team Chinese and Somaliland engineers installed the transmitter, which was purchased from the Chinese company BBEF.

Reports from Don Jensen who is a retired American journalist indicate that reception of Radio Hargeisa during the testing phase was perfect in Japan, Europe and America.