Somaliland: New minister of finance Zamzam Adan ‘ Received’ Overwhelmin Support


By: Ali Biime

President Ahmed Siilanyo’s reshuffled have attracted so much Media and public attention throughout the country’ especially among the Somaliland diaspora abroad. We re’ all striving to implement a culture, of Zero, tolerance on corruption, and embezzlement.

Newly appointed first Somaliland Women finance Minister Sam-Sam Adan is well received, unprecedented, and overwhelming, support among intellectual, Academic and more importantly friends of Somalilands Such as the UK government EU and the U’S A.
Not to mention’ Somaliland Women groups, both at home and abroad.
This is a true testament of the hard work, diligent and integrity that Sam-Sam have accomplished during the last 5 years as a education Minister.
It’is true to make the assertion that Somali women do better job than their men counterpart. We must also acknowledge the fact that we need more women in Somaliland parliament and in the public sector.
As a Society Somali women has a reputation for work ethic, compassion for their country and people.
That is why they always invest heavily the in the area of social development and the infrastructure of our motherland.
Finally I wish MF Sam-Sam Adan Abdi all the best in her in post. I would therefore urge other cabinet ministers and other governmental officials, don’t try to hinder by briefing or smear campaigning against her. We all know that politics is a brutal business.