Somaliland: New Military Strategy Makes China “More Willing and Able” to Stake and Defend its Interests Overseas


Soldiers of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army stand on the deck before a fleet sets out for Aden Yemen from Zhoushan Zhejiang province April 3 2015

Somalilandsun – Building a strong national defense and powerful armed forces is a strategic task of China’s modernization drive and a security guarantee for China’s peaceful development.
This is per the first public Chinese Military Strategy white paper outlining a new policy of “active defense,” released by the Chinese Ministry of National Defense on May 26, 2015
According to Amb David Shinn the document which is surprisingly frank document. Include strategies that has implications for Africa. Read the entire document on  “China’s Military Strategy,”

on the same subject The Diplomat published on 5 June 2015 an analysis of the document that identifies some of the implications of the strategy for Africa by Alexander Sullivan and Andrew S. Erickson titled “The Big Story behind China’s New Military Strategy”.