Somaliland: New Mayors for Gabile and Baligubale Local Councils


Cllr Shuaib assumes mantle of Gabile MayorBy: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Most of the newly elected local governments have completed ascension to office.

The sprawling Gabile local council is to be led by Councillor Shuaib Mohamed Muse after he was elected mayor during the first sitting of the incoming local government that was elected on 28th November.

Cllr Shuaib of the ruling Kulmiye party garnered 15 votes out of the total of 21 while Councillor Abdi Eid of UMADDA political group who received 12 votes becomes the new deputy mayor.

The mayoral election that came after the Gabile district court swore-in the new 21 member council saw the victorious Shuaib defeat his opponent Cllr Ali Mohamed Sh Suleiman who received 6 votes.

In a similar exercise Councillor Abdi Iman Jama was elected mayor of the Baligubadle local council while Councillor Mowlid Jama Yusuf who was unopposed becomes the deputy mayor.

The hotly contested office of Baligubadle mayor that was supervised by the Hawd regional governor Jamal Hure Hussein saw the new mayor garner 7 votes out of the total of 13 thus defeat his opponent councillor Saad Hariri