Somaliland: New Districts Curved In the Runup to Elections


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By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
Somalilandsun- A number of regions in the country have to start grappling with administrative changes with introduction of new districts.
In a statement released from the presidency in Hargeisa it was revealed that seven new administrative areas have been created in the regions of Sool, Maroondi-jeep, Sarar, Haysimo, Toghdeer and Hawd.
In a decree # JSL/M/XERM/249-4090/072016 president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo informed that new districts have been created to facilitate ease of access to provision of public services in pursuit of enhancing livelihoods of citizens of Somaliland.
According to the statement released by presidential spokesperson Abdirahman Sh Elmi Fahiye ‘Shamah’ the Head of State in pursuit of easing public administration access for citizens, after requests made by traditional leaders and recommendations by the ministry of interior hereby decree that the following and formerly local administrative a centers have been elevated to full districts
1. Bali-Mataan in Maroodi-jeep (Hargeisa) region
2. Gebo-Gebo in Toghder region
3. Fayaguub in Toghder region
4. Shahdha in Haysimo region
5. Wadamagoo in Sarar region
6. Adhi-Adeeye in Sool region and
7. Gubaruhu in Hawd region
.with presidential and parliamentary elections slated for March 2017 and the National Election Commission-NEC having so far registered voters in some regions like Toghder and Maroodi-jeeh where new districts have been created it is yet not clear how ballot shall be undertaken there, while other beneficiaries like Sanaag where registration is now starting and in Sool, Haysimo and Sarar in the pipeline the new administrative areas shall be accommodated perfectly.