Somaliland: New Deal Treats Somaliland Exclusively


Mr Erik Solheim

Somalilandsun – The government of Somaliland has made tremendous progress and the international community is ready to help these achievements through support to the country’s National Vision and the National Development Plan

This was said by Mr. Erik Solheim, Chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC), during an interview with reporter Mahmud Walaleye Hargeisa where the OECD chief is on official visit/

Below are the verbatim excerpts of the interview

You said “Government and president sets Somaliland’s priorities” does Government dispatched its priorities yet?

The government has made its priorities through the Somaliland National Vision and the National Development Plan. During the compact process I believe it is a need to bring these comprehensive and impressive documents down to a limited number of clear priorities which the international partners can align to. The most important part of the compact is that the government is in the lead and that donors use the Somaliland systems in their programs.

Flanked by Somaliland Minister of planning Dr Saad Ali Shire and trade minister Dr M A Omar the OECD Rep Mr Erik Solheim briefs media at the presidency in Hargeisa

You said donors and international community should provide the money, did they earmark total amount they will provide Somaliland? Is it one time, or will continue years to come?

The money is not yet earmarked for specific programs as far as I know. In Brussels it was agreed a compact with Somalia and a Somaliland special arrangement. On that basis money should now start flowing to programs. There is great progress in Somaliland, but also huge needs in education, health, roads and other sectors. There should be no more delays, but tangible progress on the ground!

Lastly, aInvestigative reporter Mahmud Walaleyes you added we will encourage investment and donors to provide more and better assistance to Somaliland, as you know there are already “special fund” where UK and Denmark channel direct assistance to Somaliland, would Somaliland Special Arrangement be channeled also the UK and Denmark special fund? And when it will start?

Money should flow both through the fund and through other channels. But government should always be in the lead and country systems be used. We do not have time for more delays.

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