Somaliland: NEC Reshuffles List of Successful Hargeisa Municipality Councillors


As Burao Council elects Elderly Mohamed Muraad as mayor

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The National Election CommissMayor Muraad savors success traditional with a gourd of camel milkion-NEC has made changes to the disputed local council election results for the Hargeisa municipality released on 6th December.

The changes which were unveiled by NEC in its website related to the reduction by almost 7% of earlier total figure of votes cast in Hargeisa from 230,000 to 215,571 as well as the replacement of two earlier candidates announced as winners with two former unsuccessful ones.

This new result that was not made publicly as is the norm comes after a pull and shove that ensued between some political parties who claimed massive vote rigging and the election body.

Having announced a recount of Hargeisa municipality election results after violent protests by Haqsoor party supporters that ensued with three deaths and several injuries in Hargeisa, and upon failing to acquiesce with parties adamant on a nationwide recount as opposed to the partially one intended the election body found its self in a quagmire after the Marodi jeeh court refused to arbitrate thus forcing the current release.

According to the new results the total number of votes accrued by each of the seven parties contesting the local elections and seats secured in the city municipality are as follows:

UMADDA garnered 9589 votes and 3 seats, Wadani 13783 votes/4 seats, Kulmiye 25299 votes/7 seats, Haqsoor 12317 votes/4 seats, Rays 1764 votes/1 seat, Dalsan 4693 votes/2 seats and UCID with 13242 votes and 4 seats.

Meanwhile the Burao local council in Toghdeer region has completed the induction of its new council members with the election of a mayor and his deputy thus the remaining issue is appointment of other councillors to the various committees.

On its first session since election on 28th November the new 21 members of the Burao local council which was who sworn in four days ago elected their oldest member councillor Mohamed Muraad as their mayor with his deputy as Councillor Muhumed Ahmed Hasan ‘Hoday’

The Borame local council which followed the Burao example and become the second to swear in its new members is expected to further follow in the heels of Burao council and initiate the first session of business which is to elect the mayor and his deputy.

It is hoped that the bold move by the Burao local council shall be emulated by the rest of the country’s local governments in-order bring the whole tiresome election saga to an end thus provision of urgent public services.