Somaliland: NEC Releases Partial and Preliminary Election Results


AS winning and losing is part of the game, in elections the how of it was won or lost is crucial- Elder in Haldagan Erigavo

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The seven political parties that contested local council elections have turned from soliciting voters to seEmblems of the seven contesting parties arching for mathematic wizards.

The high demand for those following in the footsteps of Maths guru, the Genius Karl Francis emanate from the conclusion of local council elections and the start of vote counting by the National election commission- NEC that has started releasing results from districts as they are completed.

Though reports are in from a number of districts the position of the top three parties is a matter for the local Karl Francis’s due to the complexity of involved.

While the election law amended last year turned the election process from a party list (party votes) based to a first past the post (candidate with highest votes wins) format subsequent arrangements by the Parties Registration and Verification Committee-PPR&VC allow for party votes count.

Despite the complexity of determining the three winning parties the National commission has so far released the following results which it termed as preliminary:

ODWEINE-Toghdeer Region

According to the NEC Chairperson of Odweine Mr Ahmed Ismail Awil the 22,737 votes cast in his area of domain with UMADDA party with 8983 and 7 seats leading followed by Wadani 6 seats, with UCID, Haqsoor, Dalsan and Kulmiye took a seat each and Rays coming out empty handed.

Lughaya-Awdal Region

Of the 10386 votes reported to have been cast in Lughaya, the NEC area boss said they were shared as follows: Kulmiye 6 seats, Haqsoor 3, and Wadani 2 while UMADDA, Rays and Dalsan failed to secure a seat.

Baki-Awdal Region

Results from Baki indicate that Kulmiye got 5 seats, Wadani 4, UMADDA 2, Haqsoor 1 and Dalsan 1 with no seats for UCID and Rays

Sheikh-Sahil Region

NEC reports that UMADDA and Rays did not secure a single seat in the Sheikh Local council where Kulmiye topped with 4 seats, followed by Wadani with 4, Acid 3 with 1 each for Dalsan and Haqsoor

El-Afweine-Sanaag Region

Preliminary reports from NEC in El-afweine district of Sanaag region indicate that the council seats were shared as follows: Kulmiye 8, Rays 3, Wadani 3, UMADDA and UCID 1 each while Dalsan and Haqsoor did not secure any seats.

AINABO- Toghdeer Region

Results released indicate that the ruling Kulmiye party is leading in Ainabo with 6 seats followed by Rays with 4, Wadani 2 and UMADDA 1 while Haqsoor, Dalsan and UCID have none.

GARA’ADAG-Sanaag Region

Rays is leading in Gar’adag local council elections with 8 seats followed by Kulmiye with 3 and Wadani 2 while UMADDA, Haqsoor, Dalsan and UCID have none.

Qorulugud- Toghdeer Region

The NEC returning officer released the following preliminary results

Kulmiye 3 seats with UCID, Rays, Wadani and UMADDA parties with 1 seat each while Haqsoor and Dalsan failed to secure any.

HUDUN-Sool region

In Hudun local council where elections were held for the first time since Somaliland declared sovereignty 21 years NEC released the following

Wadani party leads with 3 seats followed by UMADDA and Dalsan with 1 seat each while Kulmiye, Haqsoor, UCID and Rays did not manage to have any of their candidates elected.

While cautioning that this a preliminary results that might change as NEC continues to counter check the Somalilandsun editorial team also urges those parties that assume they have won to restrain from Celebratory festivities while asking those that seem to have missed out to await full results