Somaliland: NEC Releases and Shares List of Voters with Political Parties

NEC and Somaliland Political parties leaders

Somalilandsun: As the country fears for the 31st May Parliamentary and local Councils elections the final list of voters nationwide has been released

At a function held at its headquarters in the capital Hargeisa , the Somaliland National Elections Commission-NEC shared the list of registered voters with the three political parties of UCID, Kulmiye and Wadani.

The list indicates the number of voters in each of the six and 23  electoral regions and districts .

Of import is that Sool region where NEC co ducted full activities for the first time  registered more voters than some regions with higher populations like Sahil.

List of voters in Somaliland parliamentary and local Councils elections 2021

A few pointers to the first ever joint parliamentary and local Councils elections in Somaliland

  1. Six electoral regions and 23 district electoral regions
  2. . There are 82 parliametary and 249 local Councils seats in contest.
  3. As per Constitutional dictates there only three National political parties registered at any given time. Currently the three are Ruling Kulmiye and opposition UCID and Wadani.
  4. Each party has nominated 82 candidates for parliament in the six electoral regional thus a total of 246.
  5. Of the total 246 Member of parliament aspirants only 11 are women
  6. At the civic level there are 249 seats contested by over 700 candidates representing the three parties.
  7. Polling stations 1,642

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