Somaliland: NEC Must Removal itself for Betrayal of Public trust


Press Release: Somaliland Concerned Citizens

Somalilandsun – The Somaliland Concerned Citizens –SSC demands the immediate removal from office of the Somaliland National Electoral Commission for betrayal of public trust and massive electoral fraud that led to unnecessary loss of lives

We the undersigned members of the public do hereby call on the international donors to immediately freeze any sort of funding earmarked for the proposed voter registration process in Somaliland until current members of Somaliland National Electoral Commission (hereinafter referred to as “the NEC”) are removed from office for betrayal of public trust and widespread election fraud, the like of which has never been seen in Somaliland’s nascent democratic history.

We particularly point out the following irrefutable facts in support of this:

1. That the Local Election held in the country on 28 November 2012, members of the NEC willfully and knowingly violated their Oaths of Office by deliberately and calculatingly allocating a pre-determined set of councilors to each political party contesting elections in the province of Maroodi-jeeh province [Hargeisa and outlying districts] irrespective of the total number of votes cast for each party. In so doing, not only the electoral commissioners have rendered the entire election process illegitimate but they have also knowingly ignored to faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all duties incumbent upon them as commissioners according to the best of their abilities, agreeably to the rules and regulations of the constitution and laws of the land.

2. That the NEC unlawfully allocated a set of secretly pre-determined councilors to each party contesting the municipal elections in Maroodi-jeeh province based on the clan lineage of their respective leaders. For instance, the leader of WADANI was allocated four councilors from his own clansmen; the leader of HAKSOOR was allocated four councilors from his own clansmen, the leader of UMMADDA was allocated three councilors from his own clansmen, the leader of DALSAN was allocated two councilors from his own clansmen, the leader of RAYS was allocated one councilor from his own clansmen and finally the leader of the ruling party, KULMIYE, was allocated seven councilors from his own clansmen. It is important to point out that before the commencement of the municipal elections, each political party fielded candidates from across the Somaliland clan spectrum.

However, this was completely turned around by the NEC to the extent that the end result was wholly repugnant to justice and common sense. The multi-clan based parties were intentionally turned into one-clan based parties. This is clearly in direct contravention of article 28, Clause 3 of the Somaliland Constitution which states that “It is unlawful for a political party to be based on regionalism or clanism “. As far as Maroodi-jeeh province is concerned, the parties are unmistakably based along clan lines.

3. That the electoral commissioners willfully and knowingly ignored the stark warnings by Bashir Elmi Waberi, the NEC representative to Sayla, for the massive electoral fraud and irregularities committed in Zeila and Lugahaya districts, which eventually led to the unnecessary deaths of several people and subsequent skirmishes between the two brotherly clans that lived in region in perfect harmony side by side since time immemorial. The repercussions of the electoral fraud coupled with the unnecessary deaths and injuries reverberated across the borders of Somaliland into Ethiopia and Djibouti. This led to mass resignations of councilors hailing from Issa clan in the districts of Lugahaya and Zeila in protest against the government’s failure to address their grievances. Needless to say, the government has spent so much time and effort in trying to ameliorate the situation born out of the post election violence but has failed thus far to find any credible solution to this festering problem.

4. That certain members of the NEC willfully and knowingly dumped and burned completed ballot papers belonging to HAKSOOR party in the dry riverbed of Hargeisa from which they were later recovered by members of the public. The burnt out ballot papers and other intact ones were presented to the local press and subsequently shown on TVs as evidence of the brazen criminal acts committed by the NEC. Despite repeated calls, this government has turned a deaf ear to bring the culprits to book. This is the most telling evidence that these commissioners are corrupt to the bone.

5. That members of the NEC were responsible for intentionally deleting the vote results for HAKSOOR candidates from the system, claiming that a virus had infected the computer- a virus that, much to the horror and disbelief of the public, left the vote results for all other political parties contesting the election unaffected. More shockingly, when officials of HAKSOOR asked for a recount of their votes, the ballot boxes from their stronghold district in Hargeisa were nowhere to be found. Such blatant criminal acts on the part of the NEC led to the spontaneous rioting of the supporters of HAKSOOR in Ahmed Dagah District in Hargeisa where two school children and one adult tragically lost their lives and a dozen other children were injured, some of them seriously.

NEC Comissioners announce 2012 local Council election dates/file 6. That two candidates who had already been declared winners by the NEC and whose names were published in the local papers were shamefully replaced with other candidates who had already conceded defeat. This was despite the fact that the list of winning candidates submitted by the NEC was approved by the district court of Hargeisa and already published in the papers. Yet again, this blatant manipulation of the electoral process led to running riots that raged in northern Hargeisa for two consecutive days in which innocent people were hurt.

7. That many boxes full of wads of blank ballot papers were found in many places from the remote rural areas of Erigavo to the sea shores of Zeila. Secretly filmed video clips showing men and women stuffing ballot papers in boxes under a shade of a tree were shown on TVs.

8. That councilor Ahmed Ali Dable, a HAKSOOR council candidate for Geed Deeble in northern Hargeisa who was voted by considerable number of his supporters including members of his own family was told, in no uncertain terms, by the NEC officials that he did not even win ONE SINGLE VOTE including his own vote let alone that of his wife and children and his supporters.

In light of these flagrant election violations and the subsequent deaths and injuries caused, we call upon the international donors to freeze any sort of funding earmarked for the voter registration process in Somaliland as long as these fraudsters are at helm of the NEC as failure to do so would only lead to more bloodshed.

In a similar manner, we call upon president Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo to immediately remove these commissioners from office for the blatant criminal offences committed and honour his promise to set up a commission of enquiry to investigate the extent of electoral fraud and irregularities that occurred throughout the length and breadth of the country especially in Maroodi-jeeh province where the worst ever election fraud took place.

In conclusion, we would like to inform to all concerned that if the government fails to respect the legitimate public demands regarding the removal of these electoral commissioners from office then the people who have been affected by the electoral fraud would be left with no alternative option but to completely boycott the voter registration since no one has any trust whatsoever in the integrity, objectivity and impartiality of this failed commission.


Somaliland Concerned Citizens SCC is a non-profit making organization designed to encourage greater community involvement and participation in the fight against corruption and to promote, empower and encourage citizens at the grassroots level to initiate actions on their own to fight corruption and expose injustices wherever it rears its ugly head in Somaliland.

Jamal Madar



1) Hasan Aw Harun Jama

2) Isse Geeljire

3) Cali Sandheere

4) Umar Nuur Guun

5) Mohamud Kijaandhe

6) Adan Ibrahim Ismail

7) Mohamed Ibrahim Adan

8) Abdikhadar Warsame (Afyare)

9) Faruq Abdilahi Doob Ilkoole

10) Harir Mohamed Jama

11) Ahmed Abdilahi Jawaan

12) Feisal Abdi Elmi

13) Ahmed Guleid Hirsi

14) Fuad Ibrahim Odowa

15) Abdinasir Hagagaar

16) Hasan Abdi Elmi

17) Ahmed Deeq Abdi Elmi Dihood

18) Abdilahi Dahir

19) Mohamed Cali Moge

20) Dayib Osman Quule

21) Anwar Ali Hiid

22) Hussein Aden Adde

23) Abdi Aden Adde

24) Mustafa Haji

25) Abdi Diyaar

26) Bashe Abdi Abdilahi

27) Mohamed Aden Adde

28) Najah Tuluh

29) Abdulqadir Abdilahi Hirsi

30) Abdi Hirsi Adar

31) Khaddar Aideed

32) Khaddar Miasmas

33) Mustafa Yusuf

34) Abdiqadir Ahmed Wali

35) Mohamed Ismail

36) Abdisalan Ali Akshan

37) Abdifatah Ali Warabe

38) Yusuf Mohamed Dage

39) Umar Cali Jabaan

40) Mohamed cabdiqaadir Foodyare

41) Axmed Jaamac Dheere

42) Khadar Axmed

43) Cawl cabdi Timir

44) Cusmaan Xaaji Cali

45) Mustafe Xaaji Mohamed

46) Mawliid Abiib Sodan

47) Xukun Cabdin Tuur

48) Mahdi Cabdi Tuur

49) Mohamed Jiriiban Xaaji Jirde

50) Yusuf Ibraahim

51) Xamse Xaaji Hasan

52) Cabdiraxmaan Mohamed

53) Yasir Maxamuud Ibraahim

54) Xuseen Cabdillaahi (wanaagsane)

55) Aadan Cali Xamari

56) Axmed Cabdillaahi

57) Mohamed Cabdi Keyd

58) Shukri Cabdi Xuseen

59) Siciid Baashe

60) Cabdiqani Axmed Mire

61) Dayib Aadan Xabashi

62) Mohamed Qawdhan

63) Muxumad Cali Aw Xuseen

64) Faysal Cali Aw Cabdi

65) Maxamuud Aw Aadan

66) Cali Ducaale Seed

67) Cabdirisaaq Cali Ducaale

68) Maxamuud Jibriil

69) Hasan Cali Ducaale

70) Cabdiraxmaan Abiib Cabdillaahi

71) Cabdikhadar Hasan Cabdillaahi

72) Guleed Cabdillaahi Axmed Rooble

73) Cali Cabdi Rooble

74) Idiris Xuseen Cabdillaahi

75) Jaamac Mohamed Cawaale

76) Cabdiqaadir Ciise Kaahin

77) Cabdi Dahir Aadan

78) Hasan Nadalo

79) Maxamuud Jaanyar

80) Mohamed Cabdi Haybe

81) Mohamed cabdi Gool

82) Ayaanle Mohamed

83) Ibraahim Cabdi Habreed

84) Khadar Khayre Carablow

85) Rashiid Hasan Xirsi

86) Aden Ibraahim

87) Khadar Gadaawe

88) Cabdicasiis Khadar Gadaawe

89) Axmed Mahdi

90) Xuseen Fiiraan

91) Daahir Axmed Jees

92) Ibraahim Daahir Colow

93) Xuseen Cali Rooble

94) Mohamed Ibraahim Muuse

95) Siciid Hugul

96) Nuur Cali Kooke

97) Mohamed Jaamac Dhalaax

98) Jaamac Axmed cagabaruur

99) Nuur Jaamac Mohamed

100) Cabdiraxmaan Jaamac Mohamed

101) Khadar Siciid

102) Cabdiraxmaan Xuseen Hasan Gubadle

103) Ibraahim Salaan

104) Axmed Sheekh Cabdi Wali

105) Mohamed cabdillaahi Cabdi

106) Mohamed Xaaji Cismaan

107) Ilyaas Cali Rooble

108) Liibaan Qaambiil

109) Xayd Adan Jaamac (Jaanyar)

110) Jibriil Jaamac Jaanyar

111) Khadar Naasir Ayjeex

112) Maxamuud Xaashi

113) Cabdiqani Diiriye Aw Maxamuud

114) Axmed Dhagoole

115) Cabdishakuur Mawliid

116) Abusite Jibriil

117) Abdisalaan Sheekh Daahir

118) Sahrmaarke Baadari

119) Mohammed Yusuf Madadse

120) Cabdirisaaq cali Qaafil

121) Mohamed Daahir Hagoogane

122) Siciid Cabdi Xirsi Madadaal

123) Daariq Xaaji Yuusuf


1. Ahmed Ali Mahdi

2. Abdulfatah Axmed Buureed

3. Saeed Addaani

4. Ahmed Ibrahim

5. Abdi Buuni

6. Ibrahim Haji Dhagax

7. Ibrahim Ubaxle

8. Ibrahim Yassin

9. Dhamac Xaaji Faje

10. Adan Faarax Qaandhuus

11. Sacuud Mohamed Qardhab

12. Mohamed cabdi Caamir

13. Cabdilqaadir Cabdi Shaqale

14. Rashiid Karaani Yare

15. Harruun Ciise Miiradiin

16. Yaxye Axmed Aw Jaamac

17. Hasan Cali Waraabe

18. Good Hurre

19. Baashe cali Askar

20. Adan Cabdi Xaashi

21. Shiine Aw Nuux

22. Yusuf Cabdi Nuur

23. Cumar Xaaji Mohamed

24. Maxamuud maxamed yaryare

25. Fahad Maxamuud Gaaxnuug

26. Mohamed cabdillahi Nuur

27. Cabdi Faarax beedo

28. Faarax Barre Cabdulle

29. Hasan Mohamed naaleeye

30. Axmed Ayaanle Juujuule

31. Cabdilaahi Muuse Qoofal


1. Axmed Cabdi Suudi

2. Osman Abdi (Cismaan Buur)

3. Cadnaan Cabdi Hasan

4. Cismaan Cilmi (cismaan Gaab)

5. Cumar Cabdi Keyd

6. Cabdi Xuseen Food

7. Mohamed Cumar Xaaji

8. Faysal cabdi Hasan

9. Cali Abuu Shaxar

10. Siciid Kijaandhe


1. Cabdi Diiriye

2. Axmed Garbayare

3. Axmed Wajeer

4. Cabdiraxmaan Abiib

5. Mohamed Cali Dheere

6. Cabdi Ciise Liibaan

7. Faarx Aadan

8. Mohamed Hasan

9. Axmed Cali

10. Ismaaciil Xandule

11. Cabdiraxmaan Gardamoo