Somaliland: NEC Concludes Phase 1 of Voter Registration in Sanaag Region


Residents of Sanaag region at a queue in Erigavo to register as voters in Somaliland elections file photo

By: Mohamed Abdilahi 

Somalilandsun- The national election commission has announced conclusion of the first phase of Voter registration in Sanaag region

This was revealed during a press conference in Erigavo where the Somaliland election body said the first phase of the registration of sanag regions has ended in peace and that phase 2 shall start immediately.

“The registration of the election has ended in outside sanagregions in peace and they finally came back to Erigavo with no problems” spokesperson of the national election commission said.

They started the registration the further regions of Sanag regions where the government barely controls. It been going on for seven day and it ended today with peace. The committee have congratulated the Sanag people how they treated the people who were registering them and also the committee themselves. 

The registration has just started in the capital city of SanagErigavo.